Sep 21, 2015

Dongguan KINGSUN Technology Developed it's new Dust Remove Equipment for Plastic Tray.  this products is mainly used to remove the dust from the Plastic Tray which widely used in Mobile and other Electronics products.

Compared with the conventional dust practices (tray dish washer compare air gun)

A: Dust reduction processes, shorten working hours to improve the collection efficiency of more than 40%

tray dish washing machine: The motor and belt conveyor blowing dust; the average removal time of 0.5 seconds and 1 product

Traditional manual removal: One dust removal products artificial time in eight seconds or more; long operating efficiency will be further reduced as the intake One;

Second; dust quality yield enhancement

Washing machine: Wind leaching scanning mode ensures no dead air shower dust, product cleanliness reach ten thousand

Traditional: Workers take handheld jet looting, remove dust from work, unable to ensure effective control and effective addition to the net rate, and fallout

Third: Packaging places miniaturization, saving land area of more than 1 times

Washing machine: the new pipeline centralized air shower dust removal is not required for processing sites

Tradition: personnel dispersed operations, occupy a large area places

Fourth: Clean packaging invest significantly reduced

Cleaning machines: Due to the new pipeline connecting the air shower room package supporting the use of the product in addition to net flows directly into the clean room, dust-free environment required a substantial reduction

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