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MS-15 Series In-Line SPI Machine
Company Information:

MIRTEC Corporation

Global supplier of Automated Optical Inspection and Solder Paste Inspection Systems to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

Oxford, Connecticut, United States

  • Phone 203-881-5559
  • Fax 203-881-3322

MIRTEC Corporation website

MS-15 Series In-Line SPI Machine


offered by: MIRTEC Corporation

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System Exclusive TWENTY-FIVE MEGA PIXEL ISIS® Vision System 7.7 Micron / Pixel Precision TELECENTRIC COMPOUND LENS Design Advanced Dual Projection SHADOW FREE MOIRÉ Design 2 Micron Height Accuracy Precision LINEAR DRIVE Motor System Extremely Simple Programming and Operation <...»»

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Featured Surface Mount Technology Products and Services
SP700avi SMT Inline Stencil Printer

category: Printing

The SP700avi stencil printer combines Speedprints commitment to high performance and...

Speedprint Technology

RO400FC Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

Versatile reflow oven for medium volume soldering (leadfree or lead...


VisionMaster M500 - Manual Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

category: Inspection

Like all other VisionMaster equipment, the M500 uses advanced white ligh...

Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System

category: Material Handling/Storage

Pallet Handling System Workpiece Pallet Pallet ...


AQUANOX® A4703 - Neutral pH Aqueous Cleaner

category: Cleaning

AQUANOX® A4703 is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with a pH neutral formul...

Kyzen Corporation


category: Other

GoIndustry DoveBid is one of the world’s largest asset consulting and advisory...

GoIndustry DoveBid

Panasonic CM 402 & 602 Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

We are now offering a complete line of Panasonic CM-402/602 Nozzles...

Count On Tools, Inc.

ii-Feed - Tape Feeding Solution

category: Pick & Place

ii-Feed is based on the strengths of Europlacer’s proven concept of a cart plu...


CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System

category: Pick & Place

CAT90-M is a manual pick and place system featuring the latest high resolution visio...

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)

Mark 5 回流焊炉系列

category: Reflow

世界最佳回流焊炉 节能省氮 標配Cpk软件 加强型加热模组 快速的冷却能力 Pro...

Heller 公司

CS-400E Semi-automatic Insertion Through Hole Machine

category: Assembly

Features of the CS-400E semi-automatic insertion through hole machi...


Lead-free DN-400 Wave Solder

category: Wave Soldering

DN-400 wave solder machine is designed for mass production thru-hole soldering! ...

Dektec Automatic Equipment Co.,ltd

Table Top Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

Infrared table top reflow oven with pre-programmed reflow profiles.  Excellent ...

Precision PCB Services, Inc

Unisoft CELLS - Product Tracking MES Software

category: Software

Affordable Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Shop Floor Automation and Integrat...

UNISOFT Corporation

PCB Loader/PCB Unloader in SMT Line

category: Material Handling/Storage

PCB Loader/PCB unloader in SMT line Model: PCB Loader B...

Shenzhen ETA Electronic Equipment Co. LTD.

Eco-Cycler Rinse Water Recycler

category: Cleaning

The Eco-Cycler captures, filters, re-deionizes, and reuses rinse water from Aqueous ...

Flux and Epoxy Products

category: Solder Materials

Indium Corporation is a developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of: specialty s...

Indium Corporation

Inspection and X-Ray Equipment

Orbotech, Nicolet, Agilent and Yestech Inspection equipment available at IBE SMT Equipment...

IBE SMT Equipment

S-910N Series Scalable Dispensers for PCB Assembly and Microelectronics Packaging

category: Dispensing

The Spectrum S-910N Series fluid dispensers are ideal for inline, high-volume applic...


Stencil Cleaning Solutions

category: Cleaning

Stencil / Screen / Misprint Cleaning Solder pastes, SMT adhesives as we...

ZESTRON Corporation

DS Series Dispensers

category: Dispensing

When Applications Require Large Board Processing &/or Versatility A...

GPD Global

NC-559-ASM No-Clean Solder Paste

category: Solder Materials

High Activity, Completely Odorless, No-clean Solder Paste Exce...


TTC100C - Lead Free Tip Tinner

category: Solder Materials

Tip tinner to aid in cleaning and re-tinning solder iron tips de-wetted by u...


HSP 4795/96 Nozzles

category: Assembly

Brand New Universal HSP Nozzles HSP 4796 Z11 Nozzle Qt...


Laser Cutting Services

category: Other

Our Preco FlexPro CNC laser cutting system provides the speed of galvanometer proces...

ORION Industries

MTS888 Omega - High Performance PCB Tester

category: Test

High Pin Count, High Performance Tester, Non-multiplexed pin structure, In-Circuit ...

FX-UV AOI - Automated Conformal Coat Inspection

category: Inspection

Full size automated conformal coat inspection. Quick set-up wi...

Tape and Reel Services

category: Pick & Place

SemiPack provides reliable, rapid and flexible services for automated and manual tap...

SemiPack Services INC

SMT Equipment After Sales Service

category: Other

We are a SMT industrial machine service company in China and we are provid...

OBO Service

RED-E-SET Universal Board Support System

category: Printing

Universal Board Support System for all Printers and Chipshooter, Dispensers and Pla...

Production Solutions

US based PCB Assembly Services

category: Assembly

Domestic Contract Manufacturer for Circuit Board Assembly. Since its in...

Saline Lectronics, Inc

HEPCO DIP Lead Cutters

category: Solder Materials

C7600 Convertible Cutter One Machine for .300&q...


Universal Instruments PCB Asembly Equipment

category: Assembly

Largest Universal Instruments dealer in the business. <...

4 Tech Electronics Inc.

Mirrors, Brushes, Spring Hooks, Lead Cleaners

category: Rework

The new inspection mirror meets clean room requirements yet is sufficiently economic...

Beau Tech

SMT Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

Nozzles for SMT Pick and Place Machines Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, KME, Panas...


F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former

category: Components

Cuts & bends each side of an axial components to 90° for horizontal mount (f...

DDM Novastar

FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly

category: Assembly

PCB Prototype to Volume Supplier in China - No Restriction in Order Quantity! ...

Line Set-up Control Software

category: Software

Faster, error-free setup and changeover with automatic validation of materials, ree...

ESE US-X Series Screen Printers

category: Printing

ESE screen printers outperform high-end models from the best-known manufacturers, ye...

Equipment Services LLC

eCore Flux-Cored Lead-Free Solder Wire

category: Solder Materials

In August 2007, Nihon Superior started simultaneous worldwide sales of SN100C (030) ...

IC Programming

category: Components

Extensive programming services for I.C's. Thousands of d...

Illinois Components, Inc. Tape & Reel and I.C. Programming Services

MS-15 Series In-Line SPI Machine

category: Inspection

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System Exclusive TW...

MIRTEC Corporation

Assembleon/Philips Feeders

category: Pick & Place

Assembleon/Philips Feeders (Pnematic & Mechanical) & CL type <...

Equipment Rebuilds

category: Other

Our equipment rebuilds start from the frame up. All wearing items are replaced and a...

Alpha 1 Technologies, LLC

Mark5 Series SMT Reflow System

category: Reflow

Advanced Technology for Demanding Processes The latest breakthroughs as...

Heller Industries Inc.

SEC X-eye Micro CT - Compact X-ray 3D CT Inspection System

category: Inspection

High-Performance 3D CT System for laboratory NDT analysis. X-eye Micro ...


PCBA Conveyors

category: Other

At PPM we stock a large number of different size conveyors. We spend atleast a day c...

Precision Placement Machines, Inc.

 AOI / X-Ray Machines Service and Repairs

category: Inspection

CR Technology / Photon Dynamics AOI and X-Ray Equipment Full Service


SMT Stencil with Re-usable ACCUFRAME

category: Printing

Laser Cut SMT Stencils PNC Inc. uses LPKF Laser Technolo...

PNC Inc.

Solder Training Kits

category: Solder Materials

BEST, an IPC Approved Certification Center, offers PCB training kits for companies c...

Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc.

Solder Alloy Analysis Services

category: Solder Materials

Solder Testing from $79 to $149 If you have a wave solder machine, a so...

Rework Stations

category: Rework

Rework Stations - Air Vac, SRT, Pace, Metcal, Conceptronic Rework Stations for sale ...

JMW Enterprises, Inc.

Scheugenpflug AG Dispensing Cell's

category: Dispensing

2008 vintage, like new condition meter mix dispensing equipment manufactured by Sche...


Green Heller LED & SEMICONDUCTOR Reflow

category: Reflow


Heller Korea Ltd.

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