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GF-SL-HT Hot Plates
Company Information:

DDM Novastar

Turnkey SMT assembly solutions, manual & automated stencil printers, manual & automatic pick & place systems with dispensers, wave solder & selective solder machines, lead free solder reflow ovens, component counters, & thru-hole

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Screen Printing, Soldering, Turnkey

  • Phone 610-337-3050
  • Fax 610-337-3054

DDM Novastar website

GF-SL-HT Hot Plates


offered by: DDM Novastar

Used for a variety of heating applications which include preheat, rework, reflow and curing of printed circuit board assemblies. The GF-SL-HT is capable of lead and lead free, high temperature applications, with a programmable, digital controller for precise temperature regulation.  3/4" (19mm) thick aluminum heat plates for precise, even heating Temperatures up to 315°C (600°F) for use with lead-free solder alloys Lead an...»»

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Featured Surface Mount Technology Products and Services
BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process

category: Software

Create Comprehensive PCB Documentation to Drive PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Inspe...

DownStream Technologies LLC

24FS Single and 24FD Dual Wave Solder Machines

category: Wave Soldering

Automatic wave solder system with self-contained fluxing, preheating and laminar (s...

DDM Novastar

400M BGA Manual Rework System

category: Rework

VJT's 400M BGA manual rework system is a low cost flexible machine with a small ...

VJ Electronix

MV-9 Series - In-Line AOI System

category: Inspection

Five Camera 2D/3D In-Line AOI System Exclusive FIFTEEN MEGA ...

MIRTEC Corporation

PCB Prototype and Assembly

category: Assembly

Do you need rapid PCB prototyping with quick turnaround times? ...

Electronic Manufacturing Exchanges

category: Other

By Order of Leading Global Electronic OEMs, Semiconductor, and Electronic Ma...

GoIndustry DoveBid

Green HELLER MK III Series

category: Reflow

1707/1809/1913MK III - Mobile Phone/TV/Computer   자동차전장 /...

Heller Korea Ltd.

ScanCOMPONENT PC-based Offline Component Programming System

category: Software

The ScanCOMPONENT Product helps in creating vision files for your placement machine...

ScanCAD International, Inc.

Traceability and Genealogy Software

category: Software

Improve product quality and reduce recalls with factory wide traceability of all ma...

Cogiscan Inc.

LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling

category: Prototyping

Fully Automated for High-Performance Rapid PCB Prototyping Applications...

LPKF Laser & Electronics

Carrier Tape Tooling

category: Materials

Accurate Carriers USA has it's own machine shop which houses the best machine-to...

Accurate Carriers USA

NC259 Lead-Free Solder Paste

category: Solder Materials

Lead-Free No Clean Solder Paste NC259 Solder Paste was developed specif...

AIM Solder

AquaSonic Aqueous Cleaner for Surface Mount Applications

category: Cleaning

VOC, CFC & HCFC FREE,  Non-Aggressive, Very Mild Odor, Non Flammable, Non ...

JNJ Industries, Inc.

OvenCHECKER™ Reflow Oven Verification Tool

category: Reflow

Built around ECD's award winning V-M.O.L.E.® Thermal Profiler, the OvenCHECK...

Electronic Controls Design Inc. (ECD)

LaserVision SP3D Mini - Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

category: Inspection

The LaserVision Mini SP3D system combines laser measurement accuracy with Automatic ...

ASC International

used smt machine

category: Pick & Place

we offer good quality used smt machine ...

Pyramax - Convection Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

Pyramax Oven Zones

BTU International

X-Mag® High-Magnification Machine Vision Station

category: Inspection

High-definition, high magnification inspection station with flexible LED lighting an...


EZReball™ Reballing preforms

category: Rework

Are you looking for a faster reballing method? The new BEST EZReball™ process ...

Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc.

Easy Braid PCB Hand Soldering / Rework Products

category: Rework

Easy Braid’s replacement soldering tips and rework stations provide power, per...

EasyBraid Co.

SP700avi SMT Inline Stencil Printer

category: Printing

The SP700avi stencil printer combines Speedprints commitment to high performance and...

Speedprint Technology

KIC Explorer - Thermal Profiler

category: Reflow

The KIC Explorer is a new generation of thermal profilers featuring an impressively ...


Solder Spheres

category: Solder Materials

New Precision BGA Spheres Optimize Sphere Performance Indium Corporatio...

In Circuit PCB Test Fixture Systems and Fixture Kits

category: Test

CheckSum pneumatic and mechanical test fixtures are rugged, reliable and inexpensiv...

Checksum, LLC

NPI - New Product Introduction Services

category: Assembly

Integrating your design into our processes is a critical element of producing a qual...

CAMtek, Inc.

Zenith 3D AOI with Revolutionary New 3D Measurement

category: Inspection

The world’s first true 3D pre-and post-reflow AOI system. The Zen...

Koh Young Technology, Inc

ESE US-X Series Screen Printers

category: Printing

ESE screen printers outperform high-end models from the best-known manufacturers, ye...

Equipment Services LLC

SEC X-eye SF160ACT -  3D CT PCB/SMD X-ray Inspection

category: Inspection

The Ultimate Solution for 3D CT Analysis. SF160ACT is a high-resolution...


CS-400E Semi-automatic Insertion Through Hole Machine

category: Assembly

Features of the CS-400E semi-automatic insertion through hole machi...


JTAG Visualizer - graphical insight into boundary-scan

category: Software

JTAG Visualizer is an advanced graphical viewer and data management system for PCB s...

JTAG Technologies B. V.

SCS Parylene Deposition System

category: Dispensing

Technology for advanced conformal coating applications. SCS offers Pary...

Specialty Coating Systems

Fuji Feeders

category: Dispensing

SMT Feeders In Stock Reliable & Reputable" supplier

PBFT - Peel Back Force Tester

category: Pick & Place

Proven Peel Back Force Measurement Supplying consistent SMT carrier pac...

GPD Global

Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems

category: Inspection

We offer four different types of binocular stereo zoom microscope systems within our...

SCIENSCOPE International

VayoPro NPI Software suite

category: Software

VayoPro series of NPI Solutions is aimed to streamline the production process and dr...

Vayo America

Fuji Spare Parts Store

category: Pick & Place

We have thousands of Fuji parts in stock. Enjoy savings of 30% to 70% on all surplus...

SMT Research Inc.

RF/Microwave PCB

category: Assembly

High frequency RF, Microwave Printed Circuit Board Design, FAB PNC can ...

PNC Inc.

Wave Solder Pallets

category: Wave Soldering

Plastlist specializes in design, manufacturing, material and accessories supply for ...

Plastlist Group

Interactive Ball Grid Array Assembly Inspection And Defect Guide

category: Inspection

This CD ROM is fully interactive and covers the different types of BGA component, de...

Mark 5 回流焊炉系列

category: Reflow

世界最佳回流焊炉 节能省氮 標配Cpk软件 加强型加热模组 快速的冷却能力 Pro...

Heller 公司

PPM's Cut Tape Feeder for Quad Pick & Place

category: Pick & Place

PPM has released a new "Cut Tape Feeder" for working with less than a reel...

Precision Placement Machines, Inc.

Heller 1800EXL

category: Reflow

The 1800EXL- from Heller's newest generation of reflow ...

Heller Industries Inc.

Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System

category: Material Handling/Storage

Pallet Handling System Workpiece Pallet Pallet ...


JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

category: Inspection

Equipped with a "Clear Vision Capturing System", the RV-1 is capable high...

HEPCO 6200-1 Bowl Feeder

category: Solder Materials

Universal Lead Forming & Cutting Machine Maximum Output


EMI/RFI Shielding Laminates

category: Materials

Today most computer, telephones, televisions, and electronic instruments are molded ...

ORION Industries

SMT Pick and Place Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

High quality SMT nozzles, cutters, filters, etc. Feature...

KD Electronics Ltd.

Stencil Cleaning Solutions

category: Cleaning

Stencil / Screen / Misprint Cleaning Solder pastes, SMT adhesives as we...

ZESTRON Corporation

HC20 Selective Soldering Systems

category: Wave Soldering

High volume, fully automated Superb quality soldering on top...

Tamura H.A.

ESD Safe Probes

category: Rework

The unique Beau Tech spudgers are made of special vulcanized fiber which has the mos...

Beau Tech

RED-E-SET Universal Board Support System

category: Printing

Universal Board Support System for all Printers and Chipshooter, Dispensers and Pla...

Mantis Elite - 3D Eyepieceless Inspection Microscope

category: Inspection

Mantis Elite is a patented 'eyepieceless' stereo microscope, offering truly ...

Vision Engineering Inc.

SMT Stencil Rolls

category: Printing

Stentech has its very own high quality stencil rolls, designed for use in SMT (Surfa...


Unisoft ProntoVIEW-MARKUP - Assembly CAD Viewer & Gerber Viewer Software

category: Software

ProntoVIEW-MARKUP is assembly CAD Viewer & Gerber Viewer software used by electr...

UNISOFT Corporation

SMT Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

Nozzles for SMT Pick and Place Machines Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, KME, Panas...


Equipment Rebuilds

category: Other

Our equipment rebuilds start from the frame up. All wearing items are replaced and a...

Alpha 1 Technologies, LLC

CXP - PCB Surface Measurement System

category: Inspection

The CXP (Convection Expandable Platform) is a low cost, stand alone equipment primar...


INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software

category: Software

Inovision is Inovaxe’s proprietary Web-based material handling system (MHS) th...

Inovaxe Corporation

Scheugenpflug AG Dispensing Cell's

category: Dispensing

2008 vintage, like new condition meter mix dispensing equipment manufactured by Sche...


Ipulse SMT Nozzles, Tooling, & Consumables (M1, M2, M4, M6, M7, M8, & more)

category: Pick & Place

We offer a wide selection of the IpulseSMT Nozzles, Tooling, & Consumabl...

Count On Tools, Inc.

IPC Market Research

category: Education/Training

The Electronics Industry’s Source of Data and Insights for Smart Business Dec...

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

PS388 - Compact High Performance Automated Programming System

category: Pick & Place

Maximize performance and quality with the industry’s most robust and reliable...

Data I/O Corporation

Adhesive Dispensers

Fuji, Camalot and Asymtek Dispensers available from IBE SMT Equipment. View our current i...

IBE SMT Equipment

EBSO SPA Selective Soldering Machines

category: Wave Soldering

As modern circuit boards become more and more complex, with smaller and more intrica...

A-Tek Systems Group LLC

PCB-Wash Concentrated Defluxing Chemical

category: Cleaning

New, improved PCB-Wash concentrated de-fluxing chemistry is engineered to re...

MTS888 Omega - High Performance PCB Tester

category: Test

High Pin Count, High Performance Tester, Non-multiplexed pin structure, In-Circuit ...

Aquanox® A4625B - Aqueous Batch Cleaning Solution

category: Cleaning

A4625B is an innovative aqueous chemistry designed for optimum effectiveness in batc...

Kyzen Corporation

SP1 Series - Compact High Performance Screen Printer

category: Printing

High Performance Print SPI Born By Samsung's Advanced SMT Technology. ...

SAMSUNG C&T Automation, Inc.

AKS DI Water Recirculating Systems

category: Cleaning

Save Water Consumption Costs Aqua Klean Systems designs and manufacture...

Aqua Klean Systems

S-920N-C Series Cleanroom Dispensers

category: Dispensing

Scalable Solutions for High-volume Manufacturing and Assembly T...


Pantera X-plus - Highly Flexible SMT Pick-and-Place

category: Pick & Place

Highly flexible SMT pick-and-place machine with high feeder capacity. Available with...


DEK 260 Screen Printer Electronics

category: Printing

DEK Energy Board 128908, DEK Processor PCB 128907, DEK E-Stop Assembly 128913, DEK P...


Shuttle Star SV550 BGA Rework Station

category: Rework

Finally!  A High End BGA Rework System at an affordable price. U.S. ...

Precision PCB Services, Inc

2D Barcode Readers and Verifiers

category: Inspection

Our 2D fixed-mount readers feature the latest imaging technology for decoding both 2...

Microscan Systems Inc

XPii-II Pick and Place System

category: Pick & Place

XPii is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Incorporating technolog...


CoaXPress High Resolution Industrial Cameras

category: Inspection

The CoaXPress series cameras operate 72fps with ZERO-ROT function at 8bit/10bit CXP-...

ISVI - Industrial Sensor Vision International Corporation

Wave Soldering Machines

category: Wave Soldering

Wave Soldering Machines - Speedline Electrovert, Vitronics Soltec, Technical Devices...

JMW Enterprises, Inc.

Mirae Mx100 - Entry level SMT Pick and Place Machine

category: Pick & Place

Entry level SMT Pick and Place system designed for customers who have a wide part m...

Apex Factory Automation

Cut & Form and Component Lead Preparation

category: Components

We offer the most comprehensive package of value added lead preparation available. W...

Illinois Components, Inc. Tape & Reel and I.C. Programming Services

PRO 1600-B Benchtop Convection SMT Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

PRO 1600-B is a benchtop full forced air convection reflow oven. It has been designe...

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)

Kiheung PCB Label Placement Machine

category: Assembly

Automatically places labels on PCB Boards by robot. SMEMA interf...

Advanced Mechatronics Solutions, Inc.

 JewelBox Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems

category: Inspection

Glenbrook's Jewel Box systems, designed for demanding applications, are used in ...

Glenbrook Technologies

VisionMaster A500 - Automatic Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

category: Inspection

Easy to Use The A500 is the easiest to use fully automatic SP...

FX-UV AOI - Automated Conformal Coat Inspection

category: Inspection

Full size automated conformal coat inspection. Quick set-up wi...

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