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Eco-Cycler Rinse Water Recycler
Company Information:

Aqueous Technologies Corporation

Manufacturer of aqueous-based defluxing equipment, cleanliness testing equipment, and stencil cleaning equipment.

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States


  • Phone 909 944 7771
  • Fax 909 944 7775

Aqueous Technologies Corporation website

Eco-Cycler Rinse Water Recycler


offered by: Aqueous Technologies Corporation

The Eco-Cycler captures, filters, re-deionizes, and reuses rinse water from Aqueous Technologies defluxing systems. Utilizing this system alleviates the requirement for a drain and is an environmentally/fiscally responsible solution. A built-in stainless steel, high performance recirculation/filtration pump directs waste/rinse water through dual particulate filters and carbon and resin media tanks. This system is equipped with both low and high level float switches which allow f...»»

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Featured Surface Mount Technology Products and Services
PRO 1600-B Benchtop Convection SMT Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

PRO 1600-B is a benchtop full forced air convection reflow oven. It has been designe...

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)

Stencil Cleaning Solutions

category: Cleaning

Stencil / Screen / Misprint Cleaning Solder pastes, SMT adhesives as we...

ZESTRON Corporation

MAX Series (Non-Heated) High Precision Dispensers

category: Dispensing

Precision Dispensing Systems for Non-Heated Dispense Applications The G...

GPD Global

X5 Intelligent Reflow Thermal Profiler

category: Reflow

Robust and Compact Hardware with 2 Year Warranty This ne...


HC Series N2 Wave Soldering

category: Wave Soldering

Flat Linear Induction Pump (FLIP) solder bath : True Lead-free enabler : Less maint...

Tamura H.A.

Green HELLER MK III Series

category: Reflow

1707/1809/1913MK III - Mobile Phone/TV/Computer   자동차전장 /...

Heller Korea Ltd.

Reflow Ovens

IBE stocks Speedline Electrovert, Heller, Vitronics and BTU Reflow Ovens. View our comple...

IBE SMT Equipment

HEPCO 1700-2 Radial Lead Trimming Machine

category: Solder Materials

Cuts Components from Tape and Trims Leads - AT UP TO 85,000 PARTS PER HOUR! <...


In Circuit PCB Test Fixture Systems and Fixture Kits

category: Test

CheckSum pneumatic and mechanical test fixtures are rugged, reliable and inexpensiv...

Checksum, LLC

Indium Solder Pastes

category: Solder Materials

Indium Corporation manufactures high quality solder powders and pastes

Lambda - PCB In-Circuit Tester

category: Test

Concurrent Tester, In-Circuit Test, Functional Test, IEEE, PXI, Boundary Scan Flash...

Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner

category: Cleaning

Zero-Discharge Cleaner with Dry Isolation: Save on Chemical Costs and Maintain Chem...

Aqua Klean Systems

Asscon Vapor Phase Reflow Machines

category: Reflow

In modern times, the decade old technology of vapor phase reflow soldering carries m...

A-Tek Systems Group LLC

Electronic Design and Software Services

category: Design

Complete electronic design services for all your innovative ideas. We can build prod...

PNC Inc.

JTAG Live™ - PCB Debug Tools

category: Software

Making JTAG accessible! JTAG Live, the easy-to-use and extremely econom...

JTAG Technologies B. V.

CAM350 - Design for Fabrication (DFF) Analysis Software

category: Software

Verify and Optimize PCB Designs for Efficient Fabrication Today’s...

DownStream Technologies LLC

NS Flux-Cored Lead Solder

category: Solder Materials

We have a wide variety of flux-Cored solder, a mix of metal alloy, flux and ...

Cobra High Speed Pick & Place

category: Pick & Place

The future in SMT Assembly Leading edge engineering tech...


AlphaCom Software

category: Software

Replace your old PPU software and DOS computer with a Windows based terminal program...

Alpha 1 Technologies, LLC

Assembleon AX Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

Various Assembleon AX Nozzles.  V- series, L-series, CPL and SL


Assembleon SMT Nozzles, Tooling, & Consumables (Emerald, Opal, Topax, Saphire, MC, MG, & more)

category: Pick & Place

We offer a wide selection of the Assembleon SMT Nozzles, Tooling, & Cons...

Count On Tools, Inc.

CXP - PCB Surface Measurement System

category: Inspection

The CXP (Convection Expandable Platform) is a low cost, stand alone equipment primar...


BX-UV AOI - Automated Conformal Coat Inspection

category: Inspection

Conformal coatings used by electronic manufacturers contain UV indicators for the pu...

OvenRIDER® NL 2 Convection Reflow Oven Verification

category: Reflow

Verify Reflow Oven Temperature Regardless of the recipe and what your r...

Electronic Controls Design Inc.(ECD)

RED-E-SET Universal Board Support System

category: Printing

Universal Board Support System for all Printers and Chipshooter, Dispensers and Pla...

Feinfocus 160KV X-RAY for BGA inspection and More !

category: Inspection

Feinfocus 30S Series Microfocus X-ray Inspection

Reflow Oven - 1826 Mark 5 - SMT Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

The World's Best Convection Reflow Oven Providing consistent perfor...

Heller Industries Inc.

Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System

category: Material Handling/Storage

Pallet Handling System Workpiece Pallet Pallet ...


JUKI RX Series High-Speed Compact Modular Mounters

category: Pick & Place

JUKI enters the super high speed market: 240‘000 cph on just 4.5 m! ...

Electronic Manufacturing Exchanges

category: Other

By Order of Leading Global Electronic OEMs, Semiconductor, and Electronic Ma...

GoIndustry DoveBid

SEC X-eye 6300 - 3D in-line X-ray Inspection

category: Inspection

The Ultimate Solution for 3D Auto X-ray Inspection System. X-eye 6300 S...


Custom Solder Training

category: Education/Training

BEST offers customized classes for SMT, Advanced SMT, and BGA Rework classes on site...

Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc.

CS-400E Semi-automatic Insertion Through Hole Machine

category: Assembly

Features of the CS-400E semi-automatic insertion through hole machi...


Die Cutting, Stamping

category: Assembly

Orion's die-cutting capabilities include:     Stamping...

ORION Industries

400S - Automatic Solder Scavenger System

category: Rework

VJT's 400S is a stand-alone, non-contact scavenging system for the autom...

VJ Electronix

S-920N-C Series Cleanroom Dispensers

category: Dispensing

Scalable Solutions for High-volume Manufacturing and Assembly T...


XPii-I Pick and Place System

category: Pick & Place

XPii is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Incorp...


Laser Cut PCB Stencils

category: Printing

Solder Paste Printing Stencils The industry standard to manufacture sol...


SP210avi SMT Inline Stencil Printer

category: Printing

While bringing a fresh new look to the SP210avi the printer still r...

Speedprint Technology

INOCART - Storage System

category: Material Handling/Storage

INOCART is an electronic component material handling solution that allows each packa...

Inovaxe Corporation

MV-2GT Series Desktop AOI Machine

category: Inspection

Single Camera Desktop AOI System. FIVE MEGA PIXEL Digital Co...

MIRTEC Corporation

SMT Splice Tapes & Clips

category: Materials

Double Splice Tape The most economical splicing...

Plastlist Group

Scheugenpflug AG Dispensing Cell's

category: Dispensing

2008 vintage, like new condition meter mix dispensing equipment manufactured by Sche...


Pyramax - Convection Reflow Oven

category: Reflow

Pyramax Oven Zones

BTU International

Easy Braid PCB Hand Soldering / Rework Products

category: Rework

Easy Braid’s replacement soldering tips and rework stations provide power, per...

EasyBraid Co.

VisionMaster M500 - Manual Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

category: Inspection

Like all other VisionMaster equipment, the M500 uses advanced white ligh...

Siemens Spare Parts

category: Pick & Place

Siemens machine feeders and spare parts. Featured items:...

Mark 5 回流焊炉系列

category: Reflow

世界最佳回流焊炉 节能省氮 標配Cpk软件 加强型加热模组 快速的冷却能力 Pro...

Heller 公司

Unisoft ProntoPLACE Placement-PRO software

category: Software

ProntoPLACE Placement-PRO used by electronics manufacturers will quickly pro...

UNISOFT Corporation

PCBA Conveyors

category: Other

At PPM we stock a large number of different size conveyors. We spend atleast a day c...

Precision Placement Machines, Inc.

PCB Prototype and Assembly

category: Assembly

Do you need rapid PCB prototyping with quick turnaround times? ...

used smt machine

category: Pick & Place

we offer good quality used smt machine ...

StencilWasher LDO - Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning System

category: Cleaning

StencilWasher LDO is designed to remove all solder paste types including no-...

VisionPro AP Series - Automated 3-D SPI

category: Inspection

The VisionPro AP Series of solder paste inspection solutions incorporates high-resol...

ASC International

Mantis Elite-Cam - Stereo Microscope for PCB Inspection and Rework

category: Inspection

The COMPLETE SOLUTION for low magnification inspection, manipulation and documentat...

Vision Engineering Inc.

NC280 Low-Residue Liquid Rework Flux

category: Rework

NC280 is a low-to-medium solids, no-clean liquid flux formulated to leave minimal po...

AIM Solder

Product Flow Controller

category: Other

Achieve defect-free production and data integrity by ensuring every product follows ...

Cogiscan Inc.

CoaXPress High Resolution Industrial Cameras

category: Inspection

The CoaXPress series cameras operate 72fps with ZERO-ROT function at 8bit/10bit CXP-...

ISVI - Industrial Sensor Vision International Corporation

  BSY-860 BGA Rework Station.

category: Rework

BSY-860 Semi-Auto Split Vision BGA Rework Station.  Our smaller unit with high ...

Precision PCB Services, Inc

HDMag® High-Magnification Visual Inspection Station with Measurement Software

category: Inspection

High-quality video magnification system with up to 127x zoom, color modes, image fr...

Freedom Scientific Industrial Inspection (FSInspection)

SPR-25 Benchtop Manual SMT Stencil Printer

category: Printing

Cost effective manual stencil printer compatible with standard frames covering a 16...

DDM Novastar

EVS Solder Recovery Machines

category: Solder Materials

Since May 2011 KVMS is the official agent for all EVS Solder Recovery Systems in th...


Bob Willis Electronics Assembly Video Library

category: Education/Training

Bob Willis has an extensive range of training videos available online. The complete ...

Flex HR - Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

category: Inspection

Flex HR’s patented statistical appearance modeling (SAM™) vision technol...

CyberOptics Corporation

Long-Stars Conveyors

category: Material Handling/Storage

Long-Stars conveyors offer the same high quality, reliability and advanced feat...

Equipment Services LLC

SM482 Advanced Flexible PCB Mounter

category: Pick & Place

As a general component placer whose applicability to odd-shaped parts is reinforced ...

SAMSUNG C&T Automation, Inc.

SJ Inno Tech HPX-1300S  - LED Screen Printer with 2D Inspection

category: Printing

Advanced LED Solder Paste Printer with 2D SPI On-Board LED screen prin...

Apex Factory Automation

SMT Tape & Reel Services

category: Components

Our Taping and Reeling is always top quality. We understand your needs, and provide ...

Illinois Components, Inc. Tape & Reel and I.C. Programming Services

AOI - Xray - Paste Inspection

category: Inspection

AOI - Xray - Paste Inspection - Yestech, Viscom, Omron, MVP, Cyber Optics, GSI Lumon...

JMW Enterprises, Inc.

Orange Sticks

category: Rework

Orange Sticks with double beveled ends ...

Beau Tech

Fuji Custom Nozzles

category: Pick & Place

Smt Research carries a wide assortment of high quality, compatible nozzle parts and ...

SMT Research Inc.

Flying Probe Test Services

category: Test

A modern alternative of the bed-of-nails system, CAMtek offers Flying Probe Test as...

CAMtek, Inc.

AQUANOX® A4241 - PCB and Stencil Cleaner

category: Cleaning

A4241 is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with revolutionary inhibition technol...

Kyzen Corporation

Kiheung PCB Laser Marking Machine

category: Assembly

In-Line machine designed for printing letters, barcodes (1D & 2D), serial number...

Advanced Mechatronics Solutions, Inc.

Nikko Power Cyclone 3D PCB Cleaner

category: Cleaning

Inline, quickly and efficiently removes dust and particulates from PCB surface befo...

Nix of America

VayoPro NPI Software suite

category: Software

VayoPro series of NPI Solutions is aimed to streamline the production process and dr...

Vayo America

IPC Standards

category: Education/Training

IPC standards, the results of industry consensus and collaboration, are respected t...

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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SP700avi inline smt screen printer