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Trident OneShot - Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System

Trident OneShot - Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System

Trident OneShot - Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System


Trident OneShot - Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System


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Aqueous Technologies Corporation

Manufacturer of aqueous-based defluxing equipment, cleanliness testing equipment, and stencil cleaning equipment.

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Trident OneShot - Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System Description:

Trident OneShot is our most affordable Trident Series automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing system.  Now, you no longer have to choose between low price and high performance. With Trident OneShot, you get both.

Fluxes Removed






Wash Solution Recycler


Auto Chemical Dosing and Mixing


SPC Barcode Scanning


Cleanliness Testing


Trident OneShot is equipped with the award-winning Focus Wash technology which is highly effective in high density, low profile defluxing applications.  A powerful multi-impeller stainless steel pump delivers precisely controlled fluid to twenty rotating stainless steel spray nozzles.  The nozzles are designed to reduce the fluid droplet size for improved under-component penetration.To reduce the risk of shadowing, Trident OneShot is uniquely equipped with an oscillating board rack which gently moves the rack nineteen millimeters forward and rearward during the cleaning cycle.

Trident OneShot may be operated with water only or may be used with defluxing chemistries. When a defluxing chemistry is required, the user simply adds the contents of a pre-dosed defluxing solution into the process chamber, rolls the board rack into the chamber, and starts the cycle. No measuring, no missing, no mess.

Real Time Cleanliness Testing:

Trident OneShot is equipped with an onboard cleanliness testing system which allows a user to program a desired cleanliness level. Trident OneShot's powerful control system will constantly monitor the real time cleanliness of the assemblies and automatically modify the cleaning cycle accordingly. This assures that cleanliness levels will be consistent batch after batch. Cleanliness results will appear on the control panel and in the SPC logs after each batch.

Drying Technology:

Trident OneShot is equipped with the most powerful drying system in its class. Trident OneShot's built-in drying system utilizes both forced hot air convection and radiant drying technologies to produce thoroughly dry assemblies in impressively short cycle times.

Trident OneShot is capable of removing all flux / paste residues (Rosin, No-Clean, Water Soluble) from any alloy and is designed to use a selection of pre-dosed defluxing chemistries. Simply add the contents of the pre-measured chemistry into Trident OneShot, close the door and press the button. No measuring, no mixing, no mess.

Control Technology:

Unlike other machines which utilize proprietary controllers, Trident OneShot is controlled by a Windows-based PC computer. The powerful computer communicates with Trident OneShot's hardware with a single USB cable, eliminating the need for proprietary PC expansion boards.

Trident OneShot is equipped with the largest user interface in the industry. The 16" (406mm) touchscreen interface provides a large, clear, and organized view of all process data in real time. Trident OneShot's resistive touchscreen technology allows users to wear ESD gloves, finger cots, etc.

Users may program and store unlimited program recipes with completely configurable recipe names (alpha/numeric/spaces) for easy identification. Multiple level password protection prevents unauthorized changes to recipes or machine settings.

Statistical Process Control (SPC):

Trident OneShot automatically captures all relevant process data including cleanliness testing results. SPC data may be viewed on the display screen, exported in an XML (Excel) file format, or printed as a report and sent wirelessly to a network printer.

Trident OneShot may be equipped with the powerful aSPC software. aSPC software provides barcode scanning capabilities that allow individual assembly serial numbers to be scanned (or manually entered) as assemblies are being loaded into the machine. All SPC data is stored in the SQL data base. Advanced search functions allow users to access specific batch reports by searching for specific assembly serial numbers, date ranges, pass/fail status, or operator names. Click here for more information!

Rugged Construction:

Like all Trident models, Trident OneShot is equipped with a rugged temperature and chemical safe stainless steel plumbing system. Trident OneShot's stainless steel plumbing, process chamber, pumps, tanks, etc ensure many years of leak-free operation.

Aqueous Technologies' Trident Series

Tridents are available in three discharge configurations (full discharge, low discharge, and zero discharge). Additionally, Tridents are acailable in four throughput configurations, single chamber, two chambers (Trident Duo), three chambers (Trident Trio), and four chambers (Trident Quad).

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