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Headquarters: Dorset, United Kingdom

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment Screen Printing

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SP710avi Inline SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit

The SP700avi smt screen printer equipment becomes the SP710avi when it is equipped with the Automatic Dispense unit (ADu).The Dual Syringe, Automatic Dispense unit (ADu) allows users to eliminate additional capital outlay by integrating this functionally into the printer. ...

SP710avi Inline SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit


SP700avi Inline SMT Stencil Printer

The SP700avi stencil printer combines Speedprints commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value. The system has been designed to cope with the rigors of high volume SMT production whilst incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product set-up & changeove...

SP700avi Inline SMT Stencil Printer


SP210avi 23" Inline SMT Stencil Printer

While bringing a fresh new look to the SP210avi the printer still retains it's reputation as the smallest printer in the market with the highest level of capability and quality. Developed as a flexible fine pitch Printer the SP210avi is idea...

SP210avi 23


SMT in-printer dispensing

Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating