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Manncorp Revamps Solder Paste Website Making It Faster And Easy To Use

May 12, 2011

Solder paste purchasers now have a new e-commerce website by Manncorp that promises speedier transactions and exceptional values, according to Henry Mann, CEO. ", visitors just select the type solder paste desired and all other need-to-know information is just a click away, including product description, packaging (choice of jar, tube or syringe), unit price, quantity discounts, technical specs – even exact shipping costs," he stated. "So in a matter of minutes your order is complete and on its way."

Manncorp carries most types of lead-free and tin-lead pastes, and is currently introducing an economical low-silver content version. "Our major emphasis is savings on quality products," Mr. Mann pointed out. "These days, assemblers are looking to reduce costs wherever they can, and consumables such as solder pastes are definitely no exception."

Mann considers his solder paste site a logical extension of the PCB assembly equipment side of Manncorp. "It started when our customers began asking us to recommend sources for solder paste. We investigated and eventually formed an association with a leading paste manufacturer who permitted Manncorp to private label their brand. That was four years ago. Today, we have quite a large and loyal customer base."

For details, click, call 1.800. PIK MANN (745.6266) or e-mail

Manncorp offers pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, rework systems, wave solder machines, solder pastes, board cleaners, desiccant cabinets, and more. Accessing is an informational experience. Not only are full details and specifications provided for the 150+ products, but prices are also attainable immediately after minimal contact information is provided.

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