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Hands On X-Ray Workshop at Blundell Equipment in Coventry

Sep 03, 2010

PoP X-Rays Look Like This

PoP X-Rays Look Like This

Area Array Technology is now part of mainstream electronics. However, the availability of inspection criteria and practical hands on training to help production staff determine reliable solder joints is limited. The assembly process for BGAs is fairly well understood for tin/lead, but for lead-free assembly there are still critical issues to consider during inspection. This is also true with Quad Flat No Lead (QFN), Land Grid Array (LGA), Package on Package (PoP) and now with the introduction of Bottom Mounted Components (BMC) remains an issue to many companies struggling with a new range of process defects.

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The hands on workshop at Blundell Equipment in Coventry on 25th November is presented by Bob Willis covers x-ray inspection of solder joints for both tin/lead and lead-free terminations and complements our theory online sessions and onsite courses It also compares x-ray images with optical examples. It includes an introduction to the lead-free assembly process with specific attention to BGA and area array devices and what are the most common process failures. It provides a step by step guide to the procedure of inspection for optical and x-ray showing practically how to do it. Inspection criteria are included for x-ray and visual criteria on different lead-free terminations and pad surfaces. Delegates may also bring a sample board or components for analysis during the workshop for free advice on the quality or possible cause of process failure. For further details and a booking forma go to

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