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Multitest’s InCarrier™ Provides Reliability and Best Cost of Test

Feb 08, 2010

Rosenheim, February 2010: Multitest received the first multi-system order for the new InCarrier™ handler by a European IDM. The systems will be used for high-parallel test of small MEMS sensors.

With the InCarrier™, Multitest offers a unique test handling solution that combines the substantial advantages of the strip handling process with the advantages of the standard test handling process. Thus, it overcomes the constraints of the strip test with respect to singulation after test and lead frame design. InCarrier™ supports ASIC and MEMS test, and

offers low cost of test using high-test parallelism. The sytem also ensures a robust test handling process even for small packages. Additionally, InCarrier™ helps to fulfill special quality requirements, i.e. full device traceability, no device singulation after final test and re-test on the original equipment.

Dr. Reinhart Richter, Vice President, commented, “These recent orders are a perfect example of how Multitest works with key customers to develop new test handling concepts to lower cost of test while meeting highest quality standards.”

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About Multitest

Multitest (headquartered in Rosenheim, Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of test equipment for semiconductors. Multitest markets test handlers, contactors, and ATE printed circuit boards under the brands Multitest, ECT Interface Products, and Harbor Electronics. Globally more than 700 employees serve our customers in offices and branches in North America, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

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