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Orchid Technologies Designs Solar Power System

Sep 18, 2009

Maynard, MA (September 18, 2009)- Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc., Designs Solar Power System. “Small to moderate sized solar energy arrays must make use of efficient, safe energy storage systems,” says Paul Nickelsberg, President and CTO of Orchid Technologies. “Applications with high current low duty cycle demand can tax standard battery storage systems. Orchid Technologies was selected to perform the custom design of a high current, low duty cycle energy delivery and Lithium Ion battery management system. Out custom, scalable design provided battery management and power delivery in increments of 2000 Watts each. Multiple units can be combined to satisfy a variety of high peak load requirements,” says Nickelsberg.

Each energy controller supports six high-capacity lithium ion batteries. Each battery is capable of providing about 350-watt hours of energy. High current DC paths were fashioned using thick four-ounce copper circuit board lamination layers. Multiple energy managers may be combined to support a variety of peak load requirements. Programmable digital circuitry on each energy manager supports load balancing, error detection, and safety features.

It’s a tough world for remote solar energy system managers. Arctic and desert environmental extremes are typical. Required operating temperatures range from minus 40 to plus 105 degrees Celsius. At low temperatures, materials are subject to cracking and degradation. At high temperatures, any additional heat produced by the circuitry itself causes trouble. Conservative component selection together with ruggedized circuit board assembly techniques allow our energy manager design to achieve high reliability without forced air heating or cooling.

Remote solar power systems face demanding extremes of heat and cold. Orchid Technologies’ custom high capacity energy storage designs are proven safe and tough.

About Orchid Technologies

Orchid develops custom electronic products for OEM’s. Orchid has successfully completed hundreds of electronic product designs. Visit Orchid Technologies’ website for recent design projects. For additional information contact Paul Nickelsberg, President of Orchid Technologies at 978-461-2000 or email

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