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Samsung Expands With the Fully Featured SMP200 Screen Printer On Display At APEX #2135

Mar 26, 2009

Samsung SMP200 Stencil Printer

Samsung SMP200 Stencil Printer

Samsung/Dynatech is doing its part to help you increase your productivity and revenue with the addition of the SMP200 Screen Printer. The three-sigma SMP200 joins the already popular Samsung SM Series of products that includes the SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter and SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter with STF100S Zero-Impact Side Tray Feeder.

"Manufacturers at all levels need to replace older, less efficient printers to stay competitive in today's tough economic conditions. As the older systems wear, it's more cost-effective to replace a worn-out printer than it is to constantly kluge repair solutions on existing systems," said Michael Foster, General Manager, Dynatech Technology. "Now you can upgrade to a brand-new state-of-the-art printer without breaking your budget."

The SMP200 includes a high-precision stencil-to-board vision alignment for accurate paste deposition and an automatic PCB conveyor width adjustment to reduce setup and changeover time. A patented PCB alignment and clamping systems coupled with Samsung's Patented Advanced Stencil Separation Control compliment the auto-leveling squeegee head system providing a direct path to high-quality paste deposition.

The integrated under-stencil stencil wiping system with wet/dry/vacuum capability and 2d post-print inspection system help keep your process under control by first identifying partially clogged apertures and then removing unwanted materials returning the stencil to the desired operating condition.

The SM Series includes the SMP200 and SMP400 Screen Printers; SM310, SM320, SM321, SM411 and SM421 placement systems. When combined with the SRF reflow soldering system Samsung/Dynatech offers complete, turnkey solutions to SMT production from high mix to high volume needs.

Dynatech Technology supports its customers by stationing field staff in strategic locations throughout North America to provide rapid response to installations, training and support requirements. A central dispatching system enables the next available technician to respond to initial support requests with a guaranteed 30-minute call-back time.

Dynatech Technology, headquartered in Edgewood NY, was formed by Dynatech International as the North American distributor for the sales and service of Samsung Techwin SMT equipment. As the North American distributor, Dynatech Technology provides 24/7 service with a guaranteed 30-minute call-back time, continuing a 25-year tradition begun by Dynatech International, its parent company, in military and commercial aerospace servicing.

Dynatech International, in business for more than 25-years, is an established ISO-9001 distributor of Samsung Aerospace spare parts and logistics. Dynatech International's subsidiary companies are Dynatech Turbine Services, Dynatech Engineering and Dynatech Technology.

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