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Ovation to showcase advanced technologies at Apex 2009, Booth 1747

Mar 23, 2009

The team at Ovation Products is preparing to showcase a whole host of innovative technologies on booth 1747 at this year's Apex exhibition, being held in Las Vegas over March 31st � April 2nd. The advanced technology developer will demonstrate its proven Magna-Print� universal squeegee blade system and Grid-Lok� automatic tooling solution, in addition to launching its brand new Stinger low volume adhesive dispenser live at the show.

Primarily designed for high-mix manufacturing environments, Magna-Print is a universal squeegee blade holder and paste deflector system specifically engineered to accommodate a variety of different blade sizes for diverse PCB applications. Characterized by a unique blade-locking system that secures the printing blade, the Magna-Print system provides exceptional stability, ease-of-use and lays the foundations for rapid product changeover. A powerful magnet helps locate and position the blade while a patented mechanism locks it into place. By delivering one robust holder for all blade sizes and eliminating the requirement for special tools during changeover, Magna-Print simplifies inventory control, minimizes machine downtime and enhances throughput.

Appearing alongside Magna-Print on booth 1747, Grid-Lok� is an automatic pin array support technology ideal for the demands of hectic production schedules. From basic SMT, through to high-density complex double-sided assemblies, Grid-Lok supports a wide range of products for optimal flexibility. Offering reliable tooling at the touch of a button, Grid-Lok's pneumatically-controlled pins raise automatically once the substrate is loaded, instinctively conforming to board topography and locking it into place. Once set, the pins maintain their configuration until they independently re-set for the next board. Eliminating operator intervention and pitching set-up time at under 20 seconds, Grid-Lok delivers an advanced level of board support as Apex visitors will discover.

The Ovation team will also be using the show to launch the company's latest innovation in the form of Stinger�, a low volume adhesive dispenser. Designed to extend screen printing equipment utilization beyond conventional limits, Stinger transforms conventional platforms into dual function systems. Easily integrated into the screen printer alongside the machine's vision system, the Stinger dispensing module operates just as an in-line dispenser would; once the printed circuit board is screen printed, it is lowered down to vision height where Stinger can then accurately dispense adhesive or paste using industry standard materials cartridges. By enabling a dispensing process on board the printing system, Stinger is an ideal solution for mixed technology boards � saving valuable floor space and reducing equipment costs.

To learn more about Ovation's Magna-Print, Grid-Lok or Stinger technologies, visit Apex booth 1747 or

About Ovation Products

Ovation Products is an advanced technology developer placing particular emphasis on engineering solutions that improve equipment efficiency, enhance productivity and lower overall cost of ownership. Pioneer of the award-winning Grid-Lok�, HD Grid-Lok�, Magna-Print� and Stinger� technologies, Ovation Products has OEM partnerships with many market-leading equipment suppliers. The company's proven technology solutions are installed at high-profile OEM and EMS manufacturing sites worldwide.

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