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Everett Charles Technologies to Attend BiTS Socket Workshop 2009

Mar 06, 2009

Everett Charles Technologies will display advanced technologies in booth A44 at the upcoming Bits BGA Socket Workshop, scheduled to take place March 8-11, 2009 at the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa Hotel Mesa in Arizona. The company will showcase numerous advanced technologies including:

The ECT Gemini� Kelvin probe solves the two greatest challenges in making true Kelvin connections to fine-pitch device contact points: landing two independent probes on a small contact area and dependably making that connection for high-volume production test. Gemini Kelvin probes can be used on 0.4 mm pitch peripheral contacts, such as QFNs, and 0.65 mm pitch area arrays such as BGAs. The durable, production-proven design provides reliable contact for hundreds of thousands of device ions.

ECT also will showcase its revolutionary Gemini 60 BGA and Gemini 48 QFN spring probes. Gemini probes have a unique dual-fork, dual-spring design that provides the shortest test height and highest frequency response of any spring pin. The Gemini's short, wide signal path also has extremely low inductance and high current capacity for clean power delivery. This next generation probe is fabricated from super-hard proprietary base metal to withstand extreme wear, and has a variety of plating materials for leaded or lead-free devices. The Gemini reduces cost of test by increasing yield and lifetime in ultra high-speed, fine-pitch applications.

The 0.4 mm pitch Mercury 57 BGA Contactor features revolutionary probe architecture for tomorrow's demanding test challenges. The probe features a dual-fork redundant bias technique that produces outstanding electrical performance while offering uncompromised mechanical reliability. The Mercury probe has a barrel-less architecture with open surfaces for perfect plating quality. Its high-precision manufacturing process assures performance repeatability. Mercury is designed to meet the challenge of reducing the cost of test head on.

BantamPak� is a proven, high-volume production solution for the most challenging applications throughout the semiconductor test industry. Patented Bantam probes combine the most important features of a spring pin: excellent RF and DC electrical characteristics, and a robust mechanical design for a long, useful life. The combination of superior technology, insightful engineering and world-wide support result in the highest possible contactor performance and value.

The CSP is one of ECT's most cost-effective, field-proven contactor solutions. For more than 10 years, it has been used to test a large variety of packages throughout the industry. The traditional, double-ended Pogo� pin architecture guarantees high reliability. ECT's proprietary plating process ensures the longest life and maximized yield, especially crucial for lead-free devices.

The 8-site, 47BGA matrix contactor is an example of one of the flexible design solutions ECT offers for customers' who chose the efficiencies of matrix testing. ECT offers a variety of reliable probe options for the most demanding implementation challenges. Its proven engineering capabilities and experience ensure optimum performance for long life and thermal management.

The Manual Actuator Small Outline Hinged is available for small outline BGA, LGA and MLF contactor designs. Thermal airflow access is available, as well as adjustable deflection, and screw attachment to contactor.

The Manual Actuator Clip-on features an easy on-off design. The clip-on allows thermal airflow over top of DUT, provides low pin count applications, and low cost hand test.

For more information, visit booth A44 at the show, or go to

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