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Juki KE2070/KE2080 Placement Systems �Pump up the Volume� at Beijing Olympics

Aug 25, 2008

MORRISVILLE, NC - August 2008 - Juki Corporation, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems, has played a key role behind the digital brain that is �pumping up the volume� at the World's biggest event � the Beijing Olympics, held August 8-24, 2008

The sound of your name being broad to thousands around a Beijing Olympic Stadium as a 2008 Medal Winner must be hard to top. BiAmp Systems incorporates Juki placement solutions in its production process and has been honored with supplying the specialized audio sound systems being used to do just that � transmitting perfect sound-offs that will catapult this year's Olympians into the history books.

At the Beijing Olympics, BiAmp's audio processors are being used at the soccer and tennis venues, as well as the emergency control center and the national pressroom � all areas where quality is paramount. That is where Juki has made its mark, ensuring the best quality component placement equipment was used in this process. BiAmp Systems production lines incorporated Juki's award-winning KE2070/KE2080 placement systems, the high-speed modular flexible mounters, designed with speed, accuracy and reliability in mind.

An event of this magnitude demands the very best from all the companies who help make it happen. Matthew Packer, Biamp's North-Asia Regional Manager in Beijing, said, �We are sure our audio systems will hold up under pressure. We are confident because these systems have been installed for more than eight to twelve months and are designed to have inherent fail-safe properties. So if anything goes wrong, they are able to self-heal or rectify the problem.�

BiAmp's audio processors are used at worldwide venues where sounds need precise amplification, from meeting rooms to huge stadiums. To provide the clearest sound, the processors remove background noise and eliminate the potential for audio delay that can ripple through a stadium, as well as the offensive screeching often associated with traditional microphones.

For more information, visit BiAmp's Web site at A video clip about BiAmp's involvement can be found on the site under Quick Links, Channel 8 News.

Juki Corporation's experience as the market leader in industrial sewing machines was the stepping-stone for the entry into the printed circuit board assembly market in 1987. Since then, Juki has delivered more than 20,000 automated assembly systems worldwide and is currently shipping an average of 200 assembly machines per month. This extraordinary achievement makes Juki one of the world's leading providers of automated assembly products and systems. In addition to its core technologies, Juki's Electronic Assembly and Test Systems Division develops and manufactures advanced electronic systems and computer software for data entry, mail processing and other electronic equipment.

With the purchase of Zevatech's assets in November 1999, Juki Automation Systems now brings Juki's reputation for top quality and reliable service also to the North and South American and the European electronics assembly markets. Juki recognizes the challenges of the new century and is prepared to respond to the globalization of electronic manufacturing. With a sophisticated knowledge base, advanced technologies and a high commitment to its customers, Juki is poised for continued growth in the 21st century.

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