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Fraunhofer Report Affirms Superior Performance of Ovation�s HD Grid-Lok� Board Support Technology

Jul 08, 2008

Bethlehem, PA - The results of a study conducted by the well-respected Fraunhofer Institute and commissioned by leading German electronics distributor, Ben Technologies, have confirmed that Ovation Products� HD Grid-Lok reconfigurable tooling technology is an extremely robust and cost-effective support solution for modern electronics production.

�This independent research is very gratifying validation of what Ovation technologists and our customers have already concluded,� comments Neil MacRaild, Ovation Products President. �Tested at the uppermost range of squeegee pressure on a variety of component types, Fraunhofer�s thorough analysis of HD Grid-Lok performance revealed absolutely no component damage, while maintaining maximum board stability.�

For HD Grid-Lok testing, scientists at Fraunhofer used a 240 x 135 x 1.6 mm printed circuit board (PCB) mounted with a variety of fine-pitch SMT components including 0805, 0402 and 0201 passive devices as well as QFPs, flip chips and BGAs. The goal of the analysis was to determine the maximum occurring print loads on the device surfaces located on the underside of the PCB. For evaluation, pressure sensors were used to monitor components on the bottom side of the board, with measurements taken at eight different points to examine pressure load on the devices in the Z direction. Squeegee pressure was systematically increased from 40 Newton (N) to 160 N over several print passes and results showed absolutely no damage to any of the devices. The study also concluded that the use of HD Grid-Lok dramatically reduces tooling time during product changeover and eliminates the sourcing of costly custom-dedicated tooling for certain applications.

�The study�s findings certainly were no surprise to us,� says Benjamin Englmaier of Ben Technologies. �We�ve seen first-hand the benefits of HD Grid-Lok and commissioned this study simply to add further proof of the technology�s advantages. In our view, there is now definitely no disputing HD Grid-Lok�s superior performance. �

Ovation Products� award-winning HD Grid-Lok technology is a reconfigurable tooling solution that enables maximum board stability throughout the entire production process, from screen printing to component placement to inspection. With a streamlined modular design, HD Grid-Lok can easily be scaled up or down to handle a variety of board sizes with the capability to support today�s finer-pitched devices. With HD Grid-Lok, product changeover tooling modifications take seconds and investment in the system is a fraction of what manufacturers outlay for other tooling alternatives.

�For production specialists who are seeking a versatile, high-performance tooling solution for the ever-changing demands of electronics manufacturing, there simply is no better or more affordable technology than HD Grid-Lok,� authoritatively concludes Neil MacRaild. �The non-biased results of the Fraunhofer study are just the proverbial icing on the cake.�

For more information or for a copy of the full report, please contact Ovation Global Product Manager, Paddy Ash, via phone at 1-484-893-1028 or by e-mail at

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Ovation Products is an advanced technology developer that places particular emphasis on engineering solutions that improve equipment efficiency, enhance productivity and lower overall cost of ownership. Pioneer of the award-winning Grid-Lok�, HD Grid-Lok�, Magna-Print� and Stinger� technologies, Ovation Products has OEM partnerships with many market-leading equipment suppliers and its technology solutions are installed at leading OEM and EMS manufacturing sites worldwide.

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