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PerkinElmer Introduces Enhanced Protein Analysis and Imaging Portfolio

Oct 09, 2007

Latest Innovations in Protein Target Identification Launched at HUPO World Congress

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 8, 2007--PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), a global leader in Health Sciences and Photonics, dramatically strengthens its portfolio of protein analysis and imaging technologies with the introduction of five new products at the Human Proteome Organization's (HUPO) 6th Annual World Congress in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 6-10. The product launches are the culmination of significant research and development that focus on meeting laboratories' demand for superior quantitative protein analysis and imaging systems, which are more precise, offer greater workflow efficiency, and have broader appeal to academic, biotech and pharmaceutical researchers.

"PerkinElmer's investment into advancing protein analysis and imaging technologies demonstrates our ability to interpret researchers' needs, and to respond with solutions that enable greater productivity and a new level of insight into complex samples," said Robert F. Friel, President and Chief Operating Officer, PerkinElmer, Inc.

ExacTag(TM) S and ExacTag Analysis Software version 3.0 are additions to the Company's unique ExacTag product line, recognized as an innovative, multiplex platform for quantitative protein expression profiling by mass spectrometry (MS). ExacTag S is the only all-in-one solution for quantifying multiplexed protein expression from serum or plasma. ExacTag Analysis Software version 3.0 automates communication with the popular Mascot(TM) protein search engine, enabling unattended, one-step protein identification and quantitation.

Two new additions to the Phos-tag(R) line of phosphorylation analysis reagents offer a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity. Phos-tag(R) Gold is a colorimetric assay for the identification and quantitation of phosphoproteins in solution. Phos-tag(R) Enrich is for the selective enrichment of phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides in biological samples, such as cell lysates.

New to the Geliance(TM) family of high-performance bio-imaging systems, the Geliance 1000 Imaging System is one of the most sophisticated technologies in the company's imaging portfolio. With optional advanced illumination design, it quickly and accurately captures images of multiplexed 2-D gels for a wide array of white light, fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications in cellular, molecular and cancer research. The instruments offer top-of-the line optical performance with easy-to-use hardware and software to provide researchers a choice of optics and lighting options.

New Technologies Breakfast Seminar

To support its product introductions, PerkinElmer is hosting a breakfast seminar on new technologies for quantitative protein analysis on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 8 a.m. The seminar, held at Jangbogo Hall in Seoul's COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, will be led by Dr. Peter Banks, Technology Leader, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences.

Scientific Posters

To underscore its focus on developing new quantitative protein analysis technologies, PerkinElmer is presenting four posters at the HUPO 2007 World Congress. They include:

  • Multiplexed Analysis of Depleted Human Sera Obtained by Different Affinity Subtraction Techniques; A Quest for Biomarkers of Cancer

  • Multiplexed Protein Quantitation of Complex Samples Using an Isobaric Mass Tagging Strategy

  • A Colormetric Phosphopeptide and Phosphoprotein Solution Assay Suitable for Monitoring Chromatography and Isoelectric Focusing Fractions in Proteomics

  • Identification of Phosphoproteins and Profiling of Phosphorylation Sites in Complex Biological Samples: A Simple and Efficient Workflow Using Mini-Gel-Separated Proteins

For more information about the new product offerings and PerkinElmer activities at HUPO visit

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