Learn About Lead Free

Mar 09, 2006


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Learn About Lead Free

March 7, 2006 - SMT Plus President James Blankenhorn announces a new online course and book. This year becoming lead-free is a requirement for users, electronic suppliers and manufacturers. To inform those involved in this conversion �Your Transition to Lead Free� was created. The course/book consists of 12 sections covering all the key areas relative to the RoHS and WEEE compliance; possible replacement alloys, changes to reflow profiles, component and PCB plating, reliability and failure modes, experiments and the results of extensive studies performed by Motorola. The course/book are offered online by SMT Plus and sold through distribution at http://www.engineeringlab.com. The course/book was authored by Dr. Ron Lasky and associates. Dr. Lasky is a noted speaker and author who has extensive experience in this field. He is a professor at Dartmouth College and works for Indium Corporation.

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Mar 09, 2006 -

Learn About Lead Free

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