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Foresite Receives Chinese Patent for C3

Feb 17, 2005

On September 29, 2004, the Chinese Patent

Office granted Foresite, Inc., owned by Terry Munson, patent number ZL98107079.5 for the C3. Foresite has previously been granted patents from

the United States Patent and Trademark Office and The UK Patent Office for the C3. There are also patents pending in Germany and Hong Kong.

The C3 is designed to be used for real time cleanliness analysis in the manufacturing facility. Having access to this information during the production process saves valuable time and money by allowing the customer to remedy problems early in the product's production. Using a steaming technique, residues in the specified area are extracted and then tested

electrically for conductivity and corrosivity. This process serves two purposes: first as a localized residue assessment tool and second as a

sample collection tool for ion chromatography analysis when further investigation is required. Within minutes, this test will offer results on

the cleanliness of the surface. The C3 goes beyond ionic bulk resistivity testers, testing specific areas and pinpointing the location of the residue without exposing the entire board to water which can dilute test results.

The test is localized to an area of 0.1 in2 allowing the user to know exactly where the residue issue is occurring.

Foresite, Inc. (formerly CSL, Inc.) is a process consulting house and analytical laboratory dedicated to solving reliability issues for electronic assemblies. With 12 years experience in the industry, Foresite specializes in failure analysis, process qualification and investigative analysis. Results are used for corrective actions and process optimization to achieve the highest levels of quality. Foresite has a vast database of knowledge and experience providing effective solutions to meet product reliability challenges.

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Feb 17, 2005 -

Foresite Receives Chinese Patent for C3

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