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Retronix introduce BGA/QFP Testing

Feb 06, 2004

Retronix Ltd, an industry leader in device recovery operations, is introducing a device test to further enhance their highly reliable process. The company believe the device test will further increase yield and bring even greater customer value.

One of the hurdles to using recovered devices has often been the fear that some of the parts recovered could be electrically damaged. Now, with the ability to test devices, Retronix can alleviate these concerns and offer greater savings to current and potential customers.

Tony Boswell, Managing Director of Retronix Ltd, believes the test facility will give the customer a complete service: �At Retronix we pride ourselves on implementing technology to provide our customers with unique opportunities to substantially reduce cost and this new test technology firmly maintains our industry leading position�

The test, using state of the art signal injection and internal tracing, not only checks the connectivity and input/ output buffering but also the �in silicon path�. This emerging technology out performs previous attempts to screen out �electrically faulty� devices from recovered parts.

Stephen Smith, Technical Services Manager, stated that the technology is a great benefit to the customer: �having the ability to test the integrity of the silicon wafer and all it�s interconnects offers a far greater fault coverage than conventional boundary scanning�

Retronix will utilize the electrical test along with their unique laser re-balling process and 3D automated scanning to eliminate any risk of re-introducing defective parts into the production process.

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Feb 06, 2004 -

Retronix introduce BGA/QFP Testing

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