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CAMI Research Re-Releases Continuity-Testing Video Tutorial Series

Mar 16, 2017

CAMI Research Inc. (Acton, MA) has re-released an instructional continuity-testing video series for the field of cable and harness testing. The series covers ‘golden’ cable creation, test, and documentation stages of the manufacture of cables and harnesses. The tutorials include techniques that can also be used with backplanes and components, and guided assembly, and are demonstrated with live examples using CableEye and its latest (v5) software.

For CableEye users, every instruction shown for low voltage testers may be duplicated for high voltage (hipot) testers because the software is a common operating platform shipped with every tester. Currently containing nine videos, in the coming months, the v5 series will be updated to include pin-mapping, barcode-tracking, archival data-logging, test automation, labelling, and the preparation of ISO9001-quality reports. 

A leader in development of PC-based Cable & Wire Harness Test Systems for over 20 years, CAMI is also offering two live training sessions on Tuesday, May 9th at the EWPT Expo in Milwaukee: "Beyond Continuity & HiPot Measurements" and “Improving Reliability of Continuity & HiPot Tests”. Advanced registration is required for these sessions. Attendees will be eligible to participate in a drawing to win $500 in CableEye accessories.   

The video series and EXPO training is led by Christopher E. Strangio. Christopher is the President and founder of CAMI Research and holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University and MIT. A lecturer at the MIT Lowell Institute for twenty years, and author/presenter of a microprocessors multimedia course for the MIT Center for Advanced Engineer Study, he has been awarded two patents, developed the CableEye PC-based cable & harness test system, and is a senior member of the IEEE.

Find the testing instructional video series at For further information, please call (978) 266-2655

CAMI Research produces expandable and upgradable diagnostic Cable & Harness Test Systems for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom cables. CableEye® Testers display, and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miswires, and intermittent defects.  

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