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Schleuniger Provides Quality that Lasts Under Daily Use

Jun 01, 2016

Manufacturing Resource Group (MRG), founded in 1988 is an ISO-9001 and ISO13485 certified custom cable assembly and box build company serving a wide range of industries. With locations in Norwood, MA and Tecate, Mexico, MRG has a wire department in each area that is responsible for cutting and prepping all types of wires for manufacturing. MRG was using a small mix of wire processing equipment from various manufacturers, but was also doing a lot of cutting by hand.

Then in 1998, MRG bought its first piece of Schleuniger equipment, a jacket stripping machine that is still in use today! “Quality that lasts under daily use,” is how MRG President, Joe Prior describes his Schleuniger equipment. Since that first machine, MRG has purchased 30 additional pieces of Schleuniger equipment, all of which are still in good working order!

From small benchtop wire strippers, like the UniStrip 2300, to two CrimpCenter 36 S fully automated cut, strip, terminate machines, MRG has a wide range of Schleuniger equipment. By integrating the equipment throughout their entire manufacturing process, MRG has reduced set-up times by 50% and increased processing speeds by 25-30%!

Prior attributes the dramatic cut in set-up times to the fact that most Schleuniger machines allow you to save a wire program within the machine’s internal memory and quickly recall it at a later date on future builds. The company is even able to store programs in the cloud enabling them to be easily recalled in both the Massachusetts and Mexico factory!

It is clear to MRG that Schleuniger helps them achieve their main objective; to provide high quality products and services, delivered on time at a competitive price; According to Prior, “Schleuniger products are critical to our success!”

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