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Akrometrix Announces Automated Die Attach Tilt Metrology

Feb 25, 2016

Akrometrix LLC, the leading provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced that it has developed an automated die-board (or daughter-mother board) attach tilt metrology. All Akrometrix shadow moiré or DFP systems (AXPs) can be upgraded with the new feature.

As die, components or daughter boards become thinner, their geometric relationship to their mounting board – before and after solder reflow – is important to ensure full connectivity exists and to prevent pre-mature failures. Once these components have undergone the reflow process, it is imperative that a flat and full connection is achieved to ensure these two separate and often different types of materials are properly mated.

Akrometrix’s AXP warpage measurement systems, using both shadow moiré and digital fringe projection (DFP) have a new feature that allows users to measure the tilt angle of the bottom substrate to a mounted die/component/daughter board. Often called “die-tilt” or “die attach tilt”, Akrometrix has embedded this feature into its existing software platform (Studio) to allow customers to automatically measure both warpage metrology and die attach tilt metrology on a wide variety of substrates, eliminating the human or manual/subjective measurement commonly done today. These measurements can be conducted pre-reflow at various temperature profiles during reflow and during reflow cooldown to examine the effects that die placement and temperature have on the mating angle. Complete measurement of warpage and die attach tilt takes less than two seconds per measurement point along the temperature profile to complete.

Akrometrix’s Shadow Moiré systems have become the industry standard for warpage measurement, especially at temperature,” noted Mayson Brooks, Akrometrix’s President and CEO. “With the addition of our die attach tilt metrology, we have further expanded our capabilities to provide a truly expandable platform for a wide range of measurement needs. Being able to measure both warpage and die attach tilt on the same equipment increases the capabilities of our AXP as customers want to have equipment sets that are multi-functional and a higher return on investment.”

For more information about Akrometrix’s warpage metrology systems, email or visit

Akrometrix is the leader in thermal warpage and strain metrology for the front-end/back-end wafer, back-end packaging/assembly, panel and the PCB/component markets. The company provides both capital equipment and test services to measure warpage and strain in temperatures from -50°C to 300°C on virtually any substrate up to 600mm x 600mm, regardless of shape. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Akrometrix has been serving customers worldwide for more than 20 years based on technology developed at Georgia Tech. For more information, contact Akrometrix at or visit

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