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MicroCare Introduces ‘Game-Changing’ Products at Productronica 2015

Dec 13, 2015

The cleaning experts at MicroCare Europe enjoyed an unparalleled week of success at Productronica 2015. The MicroCare team was a clear stand-out at the show, with a strong message, new products and an impressive number of visitors coming to the stand. This level of commitment and innovation will help companies clean their PCBs faster, better and at lower cost while meeting ever-more stringent European and global regulations.

Over 38,000 visitors attended the exhibition in Munich, Germany from 80 different countries and this impressive footfall has been reflected in MicroCare’s enquiry list. Six new products were rolled-out at the show. There were three new aerosol cleaners plus a new type of duster that customers could test. The Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover was also featured in different packages and formulations. Customers were impressed with all the innovation visible at the MicroCare stand. 

Mike Jones, Vice President of MicroCare Corporation said: “Productronica 2015 was a very positive event, very busy, very exciting. We presented, for the first time, a number of new products including, three new aerosols; the Universal Flux Remover, the Universal Contact Cleaner and the Polar Flux Remover.

“These new additions to the MicroCare line were very well received and we’ve had lots of interest since returning from the show. The product that really stood out was the Universal Flux Remover, a real game changer in the industry. Not only is it a very good cleaner, but it has the best environmental pedigree than any other product like it on the market. There is no-one else out there with this kind of chemistry, and it really caught the imagination of our Productronica visitors.

As well as launching new products MicroCare honored company Renex, MicroCare’s distributor covering Poland and other Eastern European countries, with the ‘Distributor of the Year’ honors.

Scott Wells, MicroCare General Manager – Europe, added: “In 2015 RENEX really stood out from all the other [distributors] for their growth, their technical expertise and their enthusiasm for the brand. They were the obvious choice to receive an award from MicroCare.”

Also gaining interest was Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover. A non-flammable, low-temperature cleaning fluid used in machines, that features a non-volatile additive specifically engineered to clean challenging solder pastes and flux residues. It also can remove stubborn white residues. It is a versatile cleaner that is effective even on water-soluble (OA) fluxes. It has secondary applications as a degreaser and can even remove slight oxidation and tarnish from finished surfaces.

The Universal Flux Remover is used to clean difficult rosin-based, high-temperature, lead-free materials. Uniquely it is the first to use the new, environmentally-progressive HFO chemistries. It has an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) is exempt from Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) restrictions, and is are non-flammable making it a product that is safe to transport globally and safe for the workers using it.

Another new product that possesses the same environmental stewardship is Universal Contact Cleaner. It has been formulated for cleaning electrical contacts, relays, switches and circuits, and is non-conductive, fast-drying and non-flammable with excellent materials compatibility. Finally, the Polar Flux Remover was also introduced for the first time. This product is the most aggressive of the three and is an excellent choice for cleaning heavy, aged fluxes and pastes found in PCB repairs.

All three high performance benchtop cleaners are packaged with a new, ultra-low GWP propellant, making these products are among the first electronics cleaners to comply with the stringent new European F-Gas regulations. The ingredients of all three new cleaners are REACH, GHS, WEEE- and ROHS-compliant. These products also are formulated to be in compliance with all the emerging regulations around the world.For further information visit


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