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SAMSUNG Proudly Announces Bob Watters as Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Jun 23, 2015

Bob Watters Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

Bob Watters Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

SAMSUNG C&T Automation, Inc., the worldwide leader in high-speed, high-precision SMT Machines, is proud to announce the appointment of Bob Watters as Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

Mr. Watters is a well-known pillar of the electronics industry, establishing his career more than 30 years ago. He began his career with OEMs Wang Laboratories and then Digital Equipment Corp. and worked there for a combined 10 years in various support roles. While at Digital Equipment Corp, Watters helped implement a JIT manufacturing process and served on the corporate 6 Sigma steering committee.

Watters then moved to Juki Automation Systems where he rose in the ranks for 20 years, eventually becoming the Eastern Regional Sales Manager. He developed strong working relationships with numerous companies in the US and Canada, and was able to better understand the diverse approaches to SMT manufacturing across all market sectors.

Now, as Watters begins a new chapter in his career with SAMSUNG, he expounds on what drew him to this new position: “I joined the team at SAMSUNG to participate in the growth of SAMSUNG’s market share in the North American market. I was extremely impressed with some of the new technology SAMSUNG has introduced over the past few years. Their FAST feeder, the industry’s first auto-loading, auto-splicing feeder, and their innovative TOLP offline programming and process control software are a few examples. I was also excited about the wide product bandwidth. From the SM series of machines to the EXCEN and DECAN systems, I saw solutions that were not only competitive, but superior in all market segments. As a corporation, SAMSUNG is considered one of the world’s leading technology companies and their SMT division is no exception.”

As an industry veteran, Watters has a keen sense of market trends and direction. “When I look at the North American market, I see a continued effort to improve efficiency,” commented Watters. “Smarter machines, more powerful process control software platforms, and a focus on quality are all key factors in competing with offshore competitors. The LED industry is also a hot technology in our market. Lower power consumption and prolonged product life are key factors in all lighting markets. Automotive, consumer lighting and even industrial lighting applications are all trending towards the benefits of LEDs. LED technology poses several challenges to the manufacturing process, including placement nozzle design and coding, or ‘binning’ issues. This is another area where SAMSUNG excels. As a leading global supplier of cellular phones and consumer electronics, SAMSUNG has been able to incorporate the feedback of their own manufacturing facilities to produce some truly exceptional technology in this field. The SLM series of machines provides LED placement technology that is unrivaled in the industry.”

SAMSUNG is equally excited to welcome Bob Watters aboard their North American team. “Bob is a seasoned veteran that is well known throughout the industry – his knowledge, expertise, and integrity are the sterling values appreciated by SAMSUNG and customers alike,” commented Jonny Nichols, National Sales Manager of SAMSUNG. “We're looking forward to synergizing with Bob in a continued effort to provide world-class technology solutions for electronics manufacturing applications.”

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Samsung has developed advanced technology for electronic & mechanical design, process, and production with high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise of semiconductor equipment and industrial automation system. Based on these technologies, they provide high speed and high precision SMT machines to customers to reach their company production goal. In addition, Samsung provides synergized SMT assembly solutions combined with world-class service & support throughout North America. Solutions include state of the art printing, placement, reflow, and board handling technologies to achieve high quality and price-performance without compromising flexibility and growth path on demand. All systems include installation, training, warranty, 24/7 technical phone support, next business day onsite support, next business day shipment of emergency spare parts, and free MMI software upgrades for life on select gear. In order to support customers in the region properly, Samsung established Samsung C&T Automation, Inc. in the USA in 2012 officially.

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SAMSUNG Proudly Announces Bob Watters as Eastern Regional Sales Manager

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