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VisionMaster Transforms Benchtop SPI with A600 Introduction at APEX

Mar 02, 2015

VisionMaster A600 - 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

VisionMaster A600 - 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

PORTLAND, MAINE – VisionMaster® introduced the first member of the VisionMaster 600 family, the latest in the evolution of the original VisionMaster® world-class benchtop SPI systems at APEX. The fully-automatic A600 features the smallest 3D non-contact SPI sensor head in the world, which was crafted by miniaturizing the technology in the popular A500X. A smaller sensor translates to a more efficient motion system, lower vibrations and settling time – which results in higher accuracies at higher speeds. A600's fully automatic set-and-forget SPI system is optimal for monitoring and tweaking your solder paste printing process. The standard A600 handles larger board sizes – 18 in. x 16 in. – and is very economical at $29,999.

Sharing the same software interface with the A500, the A600 system is unbelievably easy to use. The user can simply open a Gerber file and select the components that need to be measured with the mouse. With a single click, the system takes over, automatically finding fiducials, identifying pads and filing away height and volume data for each pad. Color coded pads on the Gerber data show pads outside the thresholds in real-time. Historical data for the board is available at your fingertips by sliding a simple bar back and forth. Zooming into the Gerber data you can swoop into 3D views of the pads. Data is presented in intuitive 'exploding' charts for SPC. The software reports process parameters and lets the user tag individual readings with corrective action. SPI data presentation doesn't get any simpler.

The A600 is completely plug-and-play and offers an elegant touchscreen interface on any Windows™ 7/8 computer that has a Gigabit Ethernet port. The A600 is low maintenance and is designed to give years of trouble-free usage. The sensor and mounting components are machined from aircraft grade aluminum. To ensure consistent high quality, more than 95 percent of sensor and power supply components are sourced within the United States and the motion system is sourced from Japan.
State-of-the-art motion allows totally automatic and seamless scanning of PCB panels up to 18 in. x 16 in. The Z-axis motion coupled with a projected laser stripe allows for auto-focus of the sensor and board warpage compensation. The A600 keeps the board in focus in real-time, independent of the 3D data acquisition which uses our proprietary multiphase Moire interferometry algorithms. With measurement speeds of up to 17 cm²/sec, a typical board can be inspected 100% in less than 30 seconds. This breath-taking speed is achieved with an amazingly high lateral resolution and accuracy.

As with all other authentic VisionMaster® equipment, the A600 uses advanced white light structured light scanning to build height data for every pixel in the camera's view. Long life, solid-state LEDs are used for projection and background lighting. VisionMaster's advanced CMOS image sensors are immune to electrical analog noise resulting in very repeatable measurements. Gigabit connectivity means fast, reliable and easy connection to the PC.
VisionMaster® has the best price-performance ratio in SPI. The revolutionary A600 starts at  only $29,999. Come find out how authentic VisionMaster® solutions can eliminate your inspection problems today –

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