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DDM Novastar Announces Second Open House

Aug 06, 2014

DDM Novastar, a U.S. manufacturer of SMT and PCB assembly equipment, announces its second annual open house. Customers, prospective customers and trade media representatives are all invited to attend - scheduled for Thursday and Friday, September 11 & 12, 2014. For potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing any type of PCB assembly equipment or a turnkey system in the next few months, this is the best opportunity to see all of DDM Novastar's products demonstrated in one place, ask any technical questions, and get a first-hand tour of DDM Novastar's U.S.A. manufacturing and assembly facility.

Prior to the Open House, DDM Novastar will offer a two (2) day Technical Training Workshop, (Tuesday & Wednesday Sept.9-10, 2014) featuring a Paste-Place-Reflow Product Overview, along with more advanced technical training in:

  • PASTE - Stencil printing process, single & double sided boards
  • PLACE - Advance Pick & Place software training, programming & optimization
  • REFLOW - Oven profiling and board handling

If interested in attending the technical workshop, attendance is free, but registration is required.

Our Open House on Thursday & Friday will feature hands-on equipment demonstrations including:

  • Screen Printers
  • Pick & Place Machines, including our new low-cost LSF40
  • Selective Soldering
  • Reflow Ovens

Come and enjoy some tasty BBQ from TV Celebrity (Food Network) and award-winning chef - Phamous Phil's Barbeque & Grill on Thursday afternoon. Chosen Best of Philly and its suburbs for the last 3 years. On Friday there will be a courtesy brunch. It's a great chance to meet the DDM team in a fun, informal environment. Casual attire is encouraged!

Those wishing to attend the Open House or Technical Workshop are encouraged to register here by August 22.

With over 24,000 SMT and PCB assembly systems sold, DDM Novastar is a leading USA manufacturer of OEM equipment for the short to medium run production environment. Since our introduction of the first Through Hole Lead-forming and Component Counter products in 1982, DDM Novastar has remained an industry leading innovator. By offering our customers the most reliable, easy-to-operate, easy-to-service, and lowest total cost of ownership “turn-key” SMT OEM systems available today, our commitment is to be your primary source for the most comprehensive range of solutions for prototyping, pilot manufacturing, and low to medium run high mix applications.  DDM Novastar’s unparalleled array of stencil printers, automated pick and place, reflow and batch ovens, selective and wave solder equipment is backed by superior technical support and can accommodate the most demanding applications with absolute precision. For more information, visit or call +1.610.337.3050.

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