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Gorilla Circuits Purchases ERSA POWERFLOW N2 Wave and VERSAFLOW 3/66 Selective Solder machine

Nov 27, 2013

Kurtz Ersa North America, a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, announces that Gorilla Circuits purchased a POWERFLOW N2 Full Nitrogen Tunnel Wave Solder Machine and VERSAFLOW 3/66 selective soldering machine.

Long Pham, Gorilla’s Director of Assembly Operation, was tasked with the job of outfitting the company’s new factory in San Jose, CA. Pham chose to work with Ersa over the competition due to superior quality, design and relentless support. “With the dynamic preheating, full N2 tunnel, precisely controlled spray fluxer, lead-free processing for thick, large ATE board is achievable without compromise,” said Logan Duong, Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Gorilla Circuits.

Gorilla is a cutting-edge PCB fab leader with global locations.  Company offerings include PCB fab, design support, design for manufacturability (DFM) verification, material support and recommendations, stack-up generations, material requisitions and stock, file mergers, and panelization.  The company has made investments to be able to provide full turnkey solutions for those customers requiring such services as layout and design, PCB fab and PCB assembly. For more information, visit

Ersa’s full nitrogen tunnel wave solder machine, the POWERFLOW N2, was specifically designed to meet the challenges of lead-free. Ersa’s  flagship machine, the POWERFLOW N2 can reduce lead-free wave solder running costs by as much as 90 percent. Additionally, the machine highlights a 16" or 20" board width, plug and play preheat design (Medium IR, Convection, Short IR and now with new topside Convection) and 1.8 meters of preheat standard. Additional preheating  up to 2.4 meters can be added if needed.

The VERSAFLOW 3/66 is the world’s leading platform in Selective soldering.  Ersa’s proven single wave solder nozzle technology for highest flexibility and highest volume throughput for  PCBs sized up to 24 x 24".  The use of high-precision servo gantry systems, electromagnetic pumping systems, dual solder pot capability, top- and bottomside preheating capability and modularity make Ersa the leader in selective soldering.

For more information about Kurtz Ersa North America, visit

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