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Leading Contract Manufacturer in Michigan Purchases Its Fifth Juki SMT Line

May 31, 2013

Mario Sciberras, Saline Lectronics’ president

Mario Sciberras, Saline Lectronics’ president

 Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronic contract manufacturer, recently purchased its fifth SMT line from Juki Automation Systems. The new line consists of the latest equipment from Juki including an FX-3R High-Speed Chip Mounter, KE-3020V, Matrix Tray Changer with side mount and a Juki Automatic Stencil Printer.

All of the new Juki equipment is equipped with Cogiscan’s track, trace and control (TTC) solution. The new line was purchased in response to a recent high-volume order that Saline Lectronics was awarded.

Saline Lectronics President Mario Sciberras commented about the recent purchases, “Our previous equipment purchases with Juki integrated into the production line quickly and smoothly, so we made the decision to keep our business with them.  Their commitment to quality and utilization of the latest technology makes Juki the ideal choice for our production machinery.”

In addition to the Juki equipment, Saline purchased two of each of the following systems: Keller Industries Forced Convection Reflow Ovens, Aqueous Technologies Trident XLD Washers, and MIRTEC MV-7xi In-Line Automatic Optical Inspection Machines as well as a PROMATION Production Line Flow Conveyor to complement these systems.

Saline Lectronics is properly equipped to manufacture assemblies that are completely traceable to the component level. With its five Juki surface mount lines and a large stock of feeders, Saline is able to stay flexible by having jobs queued ahead in order to adapt to various customers’ ever-changing needs.

For more information about Saline Lectronics’ PCB assembly capabilities, visit

Saline Lectronics, Inc. is a PCB assembly house located in Saline, Michigan. The company specializes in low to mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies. In addition to its extensive knowledge of PCB assembly manufacturing, other strengths include electromechanical design, DFM, and project engineering. For more information, visit

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