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YesTech Europe's UK Training and Demo Facility Adds Value

Mar 07, 2012

Automated optical and x-ray inspection technologies have become highly effective, which is fortunate as electronic assemblies have become too complex and densely-packed for manual inspection alone. Nordson YESTECH, as an established leader in the field has seen a continuously growing customer base and a corresponding growth in demand for training and support. Accordingly, YesTech Europe now has a UK Training and Demo facility which ensures customers can understand the technologies’ true potential, and succeed in applying it.

Over the past decade or so, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) has evolved from a simple approach of limited effectiveness to a sophisticated and highly effective technology. It is attractive to users responsible for controlling quality during electronics production because it is quick to set up and allows a fast production throughput with accurate and repeatable inspection performance.  Setup costs are further reduced as AOI requires no knowledge of an electronics assembly’s functionality for successful operation.

AOI’s development has been timely, as board design has advanced in complexity while reducing in size, so that manual inspection alone is no longer practical. Advances in semiconductor manufacturing have also led to the appearance of BGAs, micro-BGAs, chip-scale packages, flip chips and other hidden-connection devices; accordingly, automated x-ray inspection (AXI) has grown to complement AOI, allowing complete inspection solutions that include these new-generation devices.

Nordson YESTECH is one of the original champions of the technology and continues as a world-leading AOI/AXI developer and manufacturer. The result is that wherever in the world they supply equipment, they have experienced continuous growth in their customer base. Because of the equipment’s advanced technology, this growth is matched by a continuously increased demand for sales and technical support, and training. This experience is shared by YesTech Europe throughout their European, Russian and African territory.

YesTech Europe has steadily evolved a sales and support infrastructure in response. A key part of this is the Nordson YESTECH/DAGE Demonstration Facility, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. This South East England location is within easy reach of major road, rail and airport links. The Facility fulfils a variety of roles for a range of industry professionals. It comprises working benchtop and in-line versions of current inspection equipment as well as a presentation and teaching area. Prospective customers can view the systems in action and hear presentations about their operation. Their decision makers can question YesTech Europe staff about yield enhancement, cost reduction and overall ROI. Their engineers can explore the details of how the systems inspect the boards, which board and component parameters are checked, using the software to set the inspection strategies up, and integrating the AOI/AXI capability into their existing factory environment.

The Facility is also for existing customers and YesTech Europe’s family of local representatives from across Europe and Russia. It meets their requirement for more in-depth training with formal, structured courses, together with opportunities for more informal discussion on specific issues that concern the attendees. As well as taking attendees through the equipment’s key components and internal layout, a course covers system installation and setup, calibration and preventative maintenance. It also includes basic programming techniques for converting CAD data to YCD format, the user interface, recipe creation and use, major algorithms, manual training of new parts and alignment troubleshooting. Advanced programming techniques related to inspection, lead banks, solder and other topics are also covered. Quick reference documentation and full manuals are provided.

"The Demonstration Facility and training effort represent a significant investment for the Group," commented Andy Bonner, Managing Director of YesTech Europe, "yet it’s one that is amply rewarded. AOI and AXI technologies offer users a lot of scope, in terms of how they’re configured, how they’re integrated into the production line and how they exchange data with the site’s Factory Information software. The sales presentations allow us to show our customers what’s possible, while the training sessions support their development of the ideas they conceive. This deeper understanding of the Nordson  YESTECH equipment’s full potential translates into maximised yield enhancement and cost reduction for our customers, while the interactivity brings them into a closer working relationship."

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