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Cyberoptics laser can repair

Jun 12, 2009

Dingji electronic co.,ltd was founded on October 22,2002 ,we are mainly engaged in smt equipment maintenance and trade,and other industrial automation equipment maintenance,Industrial circuit board repair,sevo moto repair and laser sensors repair.

Since company establishment,we carefully study chip-level repair for JUKI and other automated equipment,we have made considerable achievements in this field.the price of the advance product equipment is very high,also need a long subscription period,our company has a fast development from the repair requirement market.

About Cyberoptics laser sensor repair,JUKI laser unit is the core device of the JUKI on-the-fly centering system.just like the "eyes" on JUKI machine,but JUKI laser has a defect, that is the Laser generator will be aging,and the lens will be wear and tear,so the life of laser unit is generally 4-5 years.When the laser is aging, laser intensity decreased, the machine shows the value of laser display Less than 60, there will affect the mount accuracy, or can not be identified and alarm fault; at this time ,the laser needs to be replaced .but the JUKI laser price is very high,in order to saving the equipment maintenance costs,we repeatedly research and test the laser device,we purchase advanced laser calibration test equipments, After a series of trials, we succeed in solving these problem.

Then,we found many other Cyberoptics laser sensors on SMT equipments,such as Philips,Yamaha,Samsung,Tenryu,Dek,etc. in this way,we took many pains to solve the technical problems and succeed.we have won large market and become the smt epuipment repair leader.

Now we have the Cyberopitcs original parts and lens,the faulty laser unit can be repaired ok in few hours. and we have confirmed that after the laser repaired ok ,the useful life span time is the exactly same as the original.

We can provide repair service for all Cyberoptics laser sensors and camera,including JUKI YAMAHA PHILIPS/ASSEMBLEON SAMSUNG TENRYU model:6604033,6604035,6604054,6604061,6601062,6604096,6604097,6604098,8000286,8001017,8005674,8006268,8008000,8010518,LAM-10-1,LAM-35-1 etc.DEK camera:191010/191011/191012/191013/191014/191640/191641/198040 etc.Model:8008629,8012979 etc.

Dingji technology is a technology-services company, "service-first, technology-oriented" is our purpose, Our success is inseparable from the efforts of our technical staff, we can not be separated from the support of our partners and business enterprises.we sincerely hope that with our services for our customers bring huge profits.

Jun 25, 2009 -

CyberOptics laser sensors can be repaired ok

Jun 25, 2009 -

CyberOptics laser sensors can be repaired ok

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