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CAMI Research, a WHCC Top Product Winner, Issues New Catalog

May 04, 2016

CAMI Research Inc. (Acton, MA), a 2015 Wire Harness & Cable Connector Top Product winner, has issued its latest catalog featuring new products and services. Available immediately, the catalog showcases their expanding CableEye suite of Low and High Voltage (HiPot) test system products for cable & wire harness manufacturing.

New Products

The following new products are included:

  • M3UH continuity tester with down-shifted resistance threshold (viz. 0.1Ω to 5MΩ ±0.1Ω) compared to that of M3U
  • Mini SAS/SFF connector board, CB26S
  • 2100Vdc Screw terminal connector boards, CB29H & CB29AH
  • Micro-Match connector board, CB49
  • Tester calibration verification boards, CB50, and CB50H
  • 500Vdc Quick-change, shielded RJ45 adapter board, CB18C: Eight RJ45 connectors may be unplugged and changed by the customer with no soldering required. This board is frequently used in high-volume Ethernet cable testing.
  • 500Vdc Mini HDMI with mini display-port daughter board, CB26T
  • Training and tester operation validation board, CBT1

New Services

Healthcheck services are now available for all models and would be required prior to renewing an expired warranty, or to earn a certificate of normal operation. Healthchecks are recommended when bringing a tester back on line after being in storage, or when the tester typically operates within a challenging environment (e.g. when experiencing any or all of dust, high temperature, high duty cycle).

In a healthcheck, all systems will be evaluated for correct operation, cleaned (circuit boards, connectors, case), inspected for bent or broken pins, subject to a calibration verification check, and checked for integrity of all interlink cables.

Additionally, HiPot testers will undergo a check of overcurrent limiters, relay function, and front panel buttons and indicators. Please see for further details.

To request a catalog, please go to or call (978) 266-2655.

CAMI Research produces CableEye® continuity and HiPot pass/fail & diagnostic Cable & Harness Test Systems with simple scripting, labeling, documentation, cataloging, & relay control. Dynamically display continuity, resistance, diodes, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miswires, intermittent defects & more. For production, fault diagnosis, QC, assembly, & prototyping of standard or custom cables.

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