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ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives

ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives

ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives


ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives


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A materials supplier to the electronics industry. Our breadth of products includes Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Stencils, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire, Adhesives, Cleaners and Sinter Technologies

Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Soldering

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ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives Description:

Epibond® 7275-Series Surface Mount Adhesives are designed for holding in place bottom side – and some mixed technology – surface mount components during the wave soldering process. Epibond®are high-quality non-slumping and non-stringing surface mount technology adhesives applied by dot dispensing, printing equipment and pin transfer, giving consistent dot profile and fast curing.Consistent high-dot profile and fast curing.

Epibond® 7275-Series SMT surface mount adhesives offer excellent performance for all print and dispensing

  • Non-slumping and non-stringing.
  • Room temperature stability.
  • Dispense, print and pin transfer application.
  • Consistent dot profile and fact curing.
  • High-visibility red or yellow options.
  • Screen printable with ALPHA CUT laser stencils to SMD adhesive guidelines.

Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives Typical Cure Profile

A correct thermal profile is critical to ensure that the adhesive achieves maximum mechanical strength and a homogeneous cure:

  • Ensure the material is heated to the correct temperature for the specific time.
  • maximum thermal ramp rate is 1.5 to 2.0°C/second to ensure a homogeneous cure.

ALPHA® Epibond® Surface Mount Adhesives:






Epibond® 7275


Original formula ideal for each of the deposition methods.
Designed specifically for high speed applications.

cps @ 1 rpm: 3,200,000
cps @ 10 rpm: 420,000

Epibond® 7275-1


Slightly less viscous modification of the Epibond® 7275. Preferred for certain application equipment.

cps @ 1 rpm: 2,500,000
cps @ 10 rpm: 320,000

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