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VisionMaster is the original longtime manufacturer of advanced yet affordable 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) equipment. VisionMaster provides best-in-class 3D white light technology and repeatability at laser technology prices.


How do we achieve our goal of providing the best value in SPI systems?

Superior technology. We provide 3D, white light Moiré interferometry quality and repeatability at laser prices. For starters, we have vertically integrated all our component production. From the software, to the image sensor, control electronics and mechanics, everything is designed by VisionMaster to work together seamlessly. We also make our algorithms smarter to compensate for any opto-mechanical and even thermal variations. The end result is a high performance system at a low price.

VisionMaster inspection systems are used for statistical process control (SPC) of solder paste printing on printed circuit boards (PCB).  Our newest VisionMaster models are M500 and A500. Our legacy popular models are VM150, VM150A, VM400 and VM450.  VisionMaster software and 3D sensors are also used in automatic placement systems such as the AP212 and AP450.

Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection and Measurement

  • Keep up with your line's beat rate - Fast 15 million height points per second
  • Inspect 01005 pads with confidence - Accurate and repeatable with 0.5 μm height resolution, 2 μm x-y resolution
  • From the lab to the floor - and back - Portable and lightweight, rugged industrial design
  • Operator friendly - Easy to use software with intelligent solder paste and reference detection
  • Easy connectivity - Plug and play, fast Gigabit Ethernet connection to any PC
  • Quality - Premium components, backed by a 2 year full warranty

VisionMaster, Inc. Postings

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VisionMaster A500 - Automatic Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

Easy to Use The A500 is the easiest to use fully automatic SPI system. The user simply loads a Gerber 274-X file for the PCB panel to be inspected, locks down the panel on the board holder and hits the play button. The sy...


VisionMaster A500 - Automatic Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

VisionMaster M500 - Manual Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

Like all other VisionMaster equipment, the M500 uses advanced white light Moiré interferometry to build height data for every pixel in the view.  VisionMaster honed this technology for SPI use and is the only manufacture...


VisionMaster M500 - Manual Benchtop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

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New Year Brings New VisionMaster® Website

Jan 21, 2016 | PORTLAND, MAINE – VisionMaster is the leader in 3D benchtop solder paste inspection and now VisionMaster's updated website is live. To kick off 2016, VisionMaster has totally redesigned its website,, for customer ease-of-use. Making use of the latest in website experience research and anticipating evolutions in consumer use of technology, VisionMaster®'s website features novel web design advancements to enable the best possible user experience. In a departure from cookie-cutter sites, VisionMaster's new website is feature- and resource-rich.

VisionMaster Releases Major Software Upgrade

May 12, 2015 | PORTLAND, MAINE – Today VisionMaster, Inc. released VisionMaster® 6.0, the latest version of VisionMaster's comprehensive software suite which operates all VisionMaster® desktop SPI systems, both manual and fully automatic. In addition to performing outstanding 3D measurements and plotting PCB features exceptionally, VisionMaster® 6.0 adds a slew of new features to increase utility and efficiency.

VisionMaster Transforms Benchtop SPI with A600 Introduction at APEX

Mar 02, 2015 | PORTLAND, MAINE – VisionMaster® introduced the first member of the VisionMaster 600 family, the latest in the evolution of the original VisionMaster® world-class benchtop SPI systems at APEX. The fully-automatic A600 features the smallest 3D non-contact SPI sensor head in the world, which was crafted by miniaturizing the technology in the popular A500X. A smaller sensor translates to a more efficient motion system, lower vibrations and settling time – which results in higher accuracies at higher speeds. A600's fully automatic set-and-forget SPI system is optimal for monitoring and tweaking your solder paste printing process. The standard A600 handles larger board sizes – 18 in. x 16 in. – and is very economical at $29,999.

VisionMaster Announces Partnership with Accurex

Jan 08, 2015 | VisionMaster is excited to announce that Accurex Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. will be representing VisionMaster's cutting-edge SPI products in India, starting immediately.

VisionMaster Files Suit Against ASC International Over Counterfeit SPI Systems and Pirated Software

Mar 24, 2014 | PORTLAND, MAINE – VisionMaster, Inc., a worldwide provider of 3D non-contact sensor systems, today announced that is has filed a civil lawsuit in Cumberland County Superior Court against ASC, International, of Medina, MN, to recover damages and to enjoin ASC from manufacturing and distributing counterfeit VisionMaster systems and other SPI systems based on pirated VisionMaster technology. The alleged pirated products are all 3D non-contact sensor systems sold by ASC since 2010, including those sold under both VisionMaster and VisionPro labels.

VisionMaster to Debut A500X SPI Solution at SMTAI

Oct 11, 2013 | VisionMaster's all-new A500X will be debuting at SMTAI in the Dallas are Oct. 14-16. The VisionMaster A500X is the faster version of VisionMaster's popular A500, the most affordable fully-automatic benchtop SPI solution on the market. All VisionMaster systems, including the A500 and A500X, use Structured Light Scanning (SLS) technology for 3D reconstruction, the exponentially superior technology found in all high-end SPI solutions. The A500X hybrid system also uses a laser stripe to compensate for board warpage and for dynamic focusing.

VisionMaster Increases Presence in Scandinavia with Sincotron Appointment

Dec 20, 2012 | VisionMaster, Inc announces that Sincotron, led by Pehr Nordman, recently signed on as its manufacturers’ representative in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Sincotron, founded in 1969, has been serving the needs of electronics assembly manufacturers for more than 40 years.

VisionMaster Changes the Game with New Benchtop SPI System

Nov 05, 2012 | VisionMaster, Inc., introduces A500, the best benchtop SPI system in world. Fully automatic, the system is set-and-forget SPI for monitoring and tweaking your solder paste printing process.

VisionMaster Appoints Kumtek Electronics as Its Representative in Turkey

Oct 23, 2012 | VisionMaster, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) and measurement equipment, announces that it has appointed a new representative in Turkey – Kumtek Electronics

Comtree, Inc. to Demonstrate VisionMaster’s New M500 Manual 3-D SPI Unit at the Mississauga EPTECH Electronics Show

Sep 18, 2012 | VisionMaster, Inc announces that its distributor, Comtree, Inc., will demo its M500 Manual 3-D SPI system at the upcoming Mississauga EPTECH Electronics Show

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