Gentex Corporation

Gentex Corporation is a global, high tech electronics company. We're the leading supplier of auto-dimming rearview mirrors and camera-based driver-assist systems to the global automotive industry.

Manufacturer of Components, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Design, Inspection, Soldering

Gentex is a global, high technology electronics company.  We’re the largest electronics company in the state of MI.  We’re the leading supplier of interior and exterior automatic dimming rearview mirrors and camera-based driver assist systems to the global automotive industry.

Founded in 1974, Gentex operates out of 4 facilities in Zeeland, MI and currently employs in excess of 3,400 people. Gentex has experienced consistent, double-digit growth over the past decade, and this growth is expected to continue. To learn more about Gentex, visit our website at E.O.E.

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