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FEECO International, Inc

Feeco International is a technology based company that engineers, designs, manufactures & installs material handling, waste recovery systems & equipment throughout the world. Some FEECO products include: rotary dryer/cooler/kilns, agglomeration & mor

CAD, Design, Environmental Resources, Test Services, Turnkey

At FEECO, we specialize in turning problems into opportunities. Our mission is: "To provide innovative solutions that meet our Customer�s needs by supplying high quality products, processes, and services at a competitive price." We also specialize in meeting your needs on time and within budget. Since 1951, we have been designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing equipment and systems throughout the world. FEECO International, Inc has been supplying companies globally for 55 years with equipment such as Rotary Dryers / Coolers, Pin Mixers, Disc Pelletizers, Material Handling Equipment, Process Systems, Rotary Calciners, Rotary Coolers / Dryers, Rotary Kilns and more. In November 2006 FEECO received the Exporting Success Award

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Rotary calciners are ideal for specialized processing due to the indirect heating mechanism. As the...

Disc Pelletizer

FEECO Disc Pelletizer / Pan Pelletizers are available in such a wide range of sizes that they can be...

Pin Mixer

Pin mixers or pin agglomerators effectively convert very fine powders into workable, easy-to-handle ...

Paddle Mixer / Pug Mill

The Feeco paddle mixer (pug mill) is a horizontal mixing, conditioning and agglomerating device. Its...

Compactor / Granulator

Compaction / Granulation is a size enlargement process that presses powdery material into sheets wit...


Briquetting is the transformation of a powdery or granular product into a larger more convenient siz...

Hammer Mill

The FEECO double rotor chain hammer mill is a super heavy duty mill adapted to the toughest job with...

Inorganic Fertilizer Systems

FEECO started its business in 1951 offering fertilizer granulation systems using inorganic raw mater...

Organic Systems

FEECO BioSystems, Inc., is a sister company born of FEECO International, Inc., an industry leader in...


FEECO has provided numerous systems and equipment to convert waste products to a marketable, granula...

Process Systems

At FEECO we have highly qualified engineers and designers to custom design a system that exceeds you...

Material Handling: Conveyors | Elevators

Rugged, Long Lasting, Dependable, are some of the common words used by our many customers who have c...

Rotary Dryer

FEECO's rotary dryers are custom designed for your specific processing needs. Whether you require lo...

Rotary Kiln

FEECO International, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of thermal processing. We have been sup...

Rotary Cooler & Ethanol Rotary Coolers

FEECO's rotary coolers are custom designed for your specific processing needs. Whether you require c...

Rotary Drum

FEECO's custom designs can accommodate the addition of other equipment and accessories such as pipe ...

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FEECO International, Inc

3913 Algoma Rd
Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54311
United States

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