Manncorp, founded in l968, is a supplier/manufacturer of surface mount production equipment used in prototyping to mid-volume PCB assembly.

Cleaning, Pick and Place, Repair/Rework, Screen Printing, Soldering

Established in 1968, Manncorp specializes in surface mount production equipment for mid-volume PCB assembly, including flexible pick and place systems, lead-free reflow ovens, stencil printers. rework and selective soldering equipment. Manncorp’s ‘Turnkey Systems’ are fully integrated manufacturing solutions of pre-selected printing, placement and reflow equipment geared to user throughput and budgetary requirements. Through-hole products include lead-free wave solder machines and lead formers. Manncorp's website showcases over 300 electronic assembly products, with pricing online.

We also offer informative technical data, convenient sales consultation, on-site training, annual maintenance and one-year warranties for each system and product we sell. As a Manncorp customer, you'll experience first-hand our adherence to the very same principles adopted over 40 years ago: Providing the equipment that best serves the needs of its user, pricing it right, delivering it on time, and backing it with the after-the-sale service.

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Manncorp 7700-FV Auto Placer

Pick & Place

w/ Flying and Bottom Vision Utilizes Low-Cost, Flexible Cut Strip Feeders -- for Prototyping/Low ...

Manncorp MC-385V2V SMT Pick and Place System

Pick & Place

Dual-Head, Ballscrew Drive Pick & Place System with Linear Encoding and Cognex® Flying Vi...

Manncorp MC1400 Fully Automatic Stencil Printer


Flexible Tooling, and Easy-to-Use Software for Highly Accurate & Repeatable Printing MC14...

Manncorp MT-300 Dual-Wave, Lead-Free Wave Soldering System

Wave Soldering

Economically-Priced, Dual-Wave, Lead-Free Wave Soldering System. Exclusive Small-Footprint Design...

Manncorp 2000 Pro SMD Parts Counter


Speed up inventory & kitting. Faster and more accurate than manual counting. Scan the bar...

Manncorp ULTRA-DRY Desiccant Dry Cabinets

Material Handling/Storage

The T40W series of baking dry cabinets provide a superior means of storing MSD (moisture-sensitiv...

Manncorp RW-400 Split-Vision Lead-Free SMT Rework Station


Especially designed for lead-free processing of today's -- and tomorrow’s -- components...

Manncorp Auto-Dip 2100T Bench-Top Lead-Free Soldering System

Wave Soldering

Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Alternative to Manual Lead-Free Soldering Programmable Dip Spee...

Manncorp SMT 2000 Manual Pick And Place Machine

Pick & Place

Affordable, efficient and reliable batch assembly & prototyping, with integrated dispense ...

MC110 High-Accuracy Manual Stencil Printer


Outstanding Repeatability, Resulting From a Highly Precise, Yet Extremely Robust Design and Const...

16.350  Ultra-Compact Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering

Our Best-Selling Dual-Wave Lead-Free Soldering System Is Now Available in a Smaller, More Economi...

Manncorp BR790-HD BGA Rework System


High-Definition, Auto-X-Y Split-Vision Alignment for Automatic Removal, Placement, and Soldering ...

Manncorp 5500 Dual-Squeegee SMT Stencil Printer


Innovative Design Provides True Vertical Separation of PCB and Stencil, Essential for Ultra Fine-...

Manncorp ULTIMA TR2 Bench-Top Selective Soldering Machine


Automated Soldering of Through-Hole Components and Connectors to Surface Mount and Mixed Technolo...

Manncorp ULTIMA SP Bench-Top Selective Fluxing Machine


Accurately Apply Flux Only Where It’s Needed and Increase Your Selective Soldering Throughp...

Manncorp MC-LEDV3 - High-Speed Dedicated LED Pick & Place Machine

Pick & Place

Assemble LED tubes, flexible LED strips and circular LED light bulb boards at rates reaching 10,0...

Manncorp SEPARO Solder Recovery System


Quick ROI - Pays for itself in 3-4 months Did you know as much as 50-80% of wave solder dross...

Manncorp ULTIMA STR2-L Selective Soldering System


Standalone System for PCBs and Pallets to 380 x 460 mm (15" x 18") The ULTIMA STR2-...

Manncorp ULTIMA NEO-L All-in-One Selective Soldering System


Accurate, dependable selective soldering of through-hole parts on SMD assemblies The ULTIMA N...

Manncorp CR-4000T  Lead-Free Convection Reflow Oven


Affordable 4-Zone Reflow Oven for Mid-Volume Lead-Free Soldering Applications At just over 6 ...

Manncorp CR-4000C Full Convection SMT Reflow Oven


Compact, Affordable Lead-Free Reflow Soldering Oven with Combination Mesh Belt & Pin Conveyor...

Manncorp CR-5000 Convection Reflow Oven


5-Zone Lead-Free Convection SMT Reflow Oven with Combination Edge-Pin/Mesh-Belt Conveyor Mid-...

Manncorp CR-6000 Convection Reflow Soldering Oven


Only 13.6' Long, 6-Zone Lead-Free Reflow Oven Excels at Medium- to High-Volume Throughput ...

Manncorp CR-8000 SMT Reflow Oven


8-zone Reduced-Length Lead-Free Convection Reflow Soldering Oven With 8 controlled upper and ...

Manncorp CR-10000 SMT Reflow Oven


10-zone Reduced-Length Lead-Free Convection SMT Reflow Oven With 10 controlled upper and lowe...

Manncorp BT300CP Benchtop/Batch Reflow Soldering Oven


Lead-Free Benchtop/Batch Reflow Oven with Real-Time Thermal Profiling Simulates Thermal Curve...

Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven


Nitrogen-Ready, Lead-Free Desktop Reflow Oven Reproduces profile curves, collects & store...

Manncorp 850 Benchtop/Batch Convection Reflow Oven


Lead-Free Reflow Soldering System with 'Hot Bake' Feature Model 850 is a versatile, a...

Manncorp CR-3000 Convection Reflow Soldering Oven


Versatile Low-Cost Hot-Air Convection System for Efficient In-Line Curing The Manncorp CR-300...

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Android(TM) Operating System Controls New Benchtop Reflow Oven

Mar 25, 2014 | An innovative Android-based operating system and high-resolution touchscreen user interface only begin to explain why Manncorp’s new MC-301 Benchtop Reflow Oven is among its hottest new products for 2014. By simulating the environment of an inline reflow system in a small footprint, the MC-301 is ideal for prototyping, manufacturability testing, and even short-run batch production. Its exclusive Android control app allows surface mount assemblers and product developers to meet solder paste manufacturers’ precise specifications for the preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling phases of their recommended profiles. Heating and cooling rates in each stage are also automatically calculated to easily verify compliance with component and material requirements.

High-Precision, High-Mix, Print-Place-Reflow Package Under $47K

Jan 30, 2014 | Manncorp has recently reconfigured and expanded its exclusive selection of SMT turnkey packages, including stencil printers, pick and place machines, and reflow ovens, to accommodate a wider range of production levels and budgets. Among the ten different turnkeys presented on their website at is the new 2500-MV package. Priced at only $46,995, the 2500-MV is designed for companies with a limited budget and minimal floor space who need short-run, in-house production capability for ultra-precise, high component-mix SMT assembly.

SMT turnkey assembly systems, reconfigured and expanded to accommodate a wider range of production levels and budgets.
Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge PCB Cleaning System in Operation at Manncorp DEMO Center

Sep 28, 2013 | Electronic assemblers in search of a comprehensive, environmentally-safe solution to their PCB cleaning and defluxing needs will want to visit Manncorp’s East Coast Demo Center for a live look at the Trident XLD. The XLD is a fully closed-loop, zero-discharge, aqueous cleaning system, capable of removing both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues, in addition to other contaminants that can impact the long-term reliability of circuit board assemblies.

Trident XLD, a fully closed-loop, zero-discharge, aqueous cleaning system, capable of removing both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues, in addition to other contaminants that can impact the long-term reliability of circuit board assemblies
Manncorp Installs Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems at Calsonic Kansei Mexicana

Jul 27, 2013 | Electronic automotive component manufacture Calsonic Kansei Mexicana S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Japan's Calsonic Kansei Corporation, recently purchased two ULTIMA STR2 selective soldering equipment and an ULTIMA SSP selective fluxer. The new equipment reduces process time 30-50% compared to the system it replaced, primarily due to the fact that separate machines allow simultaneous fluxing and soldering with a single fluxing unit serving two selective systems. Quality is also dramatically improved: On the company's first day of production with the ULTIMA systems, 300 PCBs were produced with zero defects or quality issues of any kind.

The installation of the recently purchased two ULTIMA STR2 selective solder systems and an ULTIMA SSP selective fluxer by Calsonic Kansei Mexicana S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Japan's Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Manncorp Opens New Corporate & SMT DEMO Center

Jun 20, 2013 | Five consecutive years of strong growth have led electronics manufacturing equipment supplier Manncorp, Inc. to relocate and expand its corporate headquarters. After a comprehensive search, the company this spring purchased, upgraded and moved into a new facility in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, giving the growing company 18,000 sq. ft. of sales, support and warehouse space, plus a full on-site gym for employees.

Dross Separator Recovers Solder and Saves Money Fast

Jun 20, 2013 | Many are unaware that 50-80% of wave solder dross is usable solder alloy. The SEPARO solder recovery system from Manncorp allows companies to quickly and easily reclaim valuable solder in-house for significant cost savings. With the SEPARO solder recovery system, a shift's worth of wave solder dross can be turned into usable solder ingots in under an hour.

New High-speed Pick & Place Machine for Nonstop Production of LED Boards

Feb 08, 2013 | Manncorp introduces the MC-LEDV3, a new high-speed pick and place machine built to assemble LED tube lights, flexible LED strips and LED bulb boards. The MC-LEDV3 features three pick-and-place heads mounted on a high-precision, ball-screw-driven gantry. Simultaneous pickup, on-the-fly (vision based) component alignment, and feeder placement optimization combine to achieve placement rates of up to 10,000 LEDs per hour, per IPC-9850.

Unlike SMT pick & place machines that have been adapted for LED assembly, MC-LEDV3 is specifically designed for LED boards.
Manncorp Brings High-Precision, Selective Soldering and Fluxing to the Bench-Top with the New ULTIMA Series

Oct 09, 2012 | The ULTIMA Series Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems offer a new solution for soldering through-hole components and connectors to surface mount and mixed technology PCBs. Numerous engineering and design innovations have resulted in compact, bench-top systems loaded with features that deliver a level of performance that, until now, would have made selective soldering cost-prohibitive for many low- and medium-volume PCB assemblers.

ULTIMA TR2 Bench-Top Selective Soldering Machine
Computer-Controlled Batch Reflow With Real-Time Profiling Mimcs Inline Reflow

Sep 20, 2012 | Electronics assemblers who need to produce prototypes, pre-production boards and other small batch/short-run jobs in-house can now get inline reflow results in a small footprint, at an affordable price-now with full computer control.

BT300CP is a lead-free-capable batch reflow oven that takes up little more than 27
Batch SMT Assembly & Prototyping Made Efficient, Reliable and Affordable

Jul 31, 2012 | Speed up manual assembly of surface mount components on printed circuit boards while improving product quality with the SMT Place 2000 manual pick and place system.

Manncorp's SMT Place 2000 manual pick & place system handles a wide range of jobs with more accuracy & greater speed than tweezer assembly can accomplish and less operator fatigue.

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