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SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver

SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver

SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver


SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver



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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories designs and manufactures equipment for the protection, automation, metering and control of electric power systems

Pullman, Washington, USA

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Other, Pick and Place, Screen Printing, Soldering

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SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver Description:

Protect SCADA Links, Maintenance Ports, I&C Systems, and Other Serial Links From Unauthorized Access and Control.

Install SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceivers to prevent eavesdropping or unauthorized control via serial communications links. Protect critical operating, financial, and other data. Lock out unauthorized operation of machines, valves, gates, and breakers. Prevent tampering via maintenance ports. Applications include:

  • Point-to-point links: Install an SEL-3021 at each end of the link, for SCADA, I&C, ATM, and more
  • Multidrop Master/Remote Links: Install an SEL-3021 at the master and each remote link of a multidrop network.
  • Maintenance Ports with Multiple Maintenance Technicians: Install an SEL-3021 on each maintenance port or port switch. Provide each authorized engineer or technician with an SEL-3021, set to match the encryption settings of the maintenance ports.

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