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Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc.

BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center.

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Your BEST Source for PCB Rework and Repair

Our Contract BGA Rework/Repair Division provides expert bga rework services and bga repair, ECO modifications and rework to your PCBs. Our state of the art equipment and IPC certified operators insure the bga rework done on your PCBs will be done correctly and reliably. 100% guaranteed. Because our core competency is BGA rework & PCB repair, our operators' output per person far exceeds that of in-house operators. Compare your fully burdened overhead rate of rework/repair to our per board price - you'll be surprised! We offer turns as quick as 24 hours on BGA rework and reballing of BGAs.

BEST is an IPC Master Certification Center offering Instructor and Operator soldering courses for IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC 7711/7721 as well as customized classes to meet specific standards or criteria. BEST now offers the first web based, fully interactive IPCA-610 Certification online! BEST is also the only IPC Certification Center in the world with a Mobile Training Center - a fully operational, mobile solder training lab that brings the classroom right to your door!

Pre-order your copy of the IPC A-610D Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies Standard, due to be released in February, 2005. Order yours today from BEST!

BEST, Inc specializes in offering products that streamline the process of hand soldering, rework and repair, which also includes lead free soldering products. Our training kits, dummy components and IPC materials are excellent resources for skill building and retention. Our Rework/Repair Exchange offers product reviews and technical articles on the latest rework/repair equipment, as well as a forum to buy and sell used or refurbished equipment.

Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc. Postings
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StencilQuik™ BGA Rework Stencils


Eliminate hours of solder mask damage repair time for bga sites while improving rework yield. ...

EZReball™ Reballing preforms


Are you looking for a faster reballing method? The new BEST EZReball™ process is an answer ...



Simplify and Speed Up QFN and LGA device rework. The new BEST StencilMate™ process is a...

PCB Repair Kits


BEST PCB Repair Kits provide you with the tools you need for fast repair and modification of land...

Solder Training Kits

Solder Materials

BEST, an IPC Approved Certification Center, offers PCB training kits for companies conducting int...

Metal SMT Stencils


Laser Cut Stencils Wouldn't you like to work with a stencil manufacturer who is known aff...

StikNPeel™ Rework Stencil


This unique rework stenciling system is very simple to use. Stencil Thickness: 004in (.10...

IPC Certification & Solder Training


BEST is an IPC Master Certification Solder Training Center offering Instructor and Operator cours...

Custom Solder Training


BEST offers customized classes for SMT, Advanced SMT, and BGA Rework classes on site at your faci...

Solder Training on Site


BEST offers a one of a kind mobile training center which allows the students to be sequestered in...

12 technical articles »
Performance of Kapton Stencils vs Stainless Steel Stencils for Prototype Printing Volumes Processes

Jul 03, 2013 | Bob Wettermann, Hung Hoang

It has been demonstrated in numerous pieces of work that stencil printing, one of the most complex PCB assembly processes, is one of the largest contributors to defects (Revelino et el). This complexity extends to prototype builds where a small number of boards need to be assembled quickly and reliably. Stencil printing is becoming increasingly challenging as packages shrink in size, increase in lead count and require closer lead spacing (finer pitch). Prototype SMT assembly can be further divided between industrial and commercial work and the DIYer, hobbyist or researcher groups. This second group is highly price sensitive when it comes to the materials used for the board assembly as their funds are sourced from personal or research monies as opposed to company funds. This has led to development of a lower cost SMT printing stencil made from plastic film as opposed to the more traditional stainless steel stencil used by industrial and commercial users.This study compares the performance of these two traditional materials and their respective impact on solder paste printing including efficiency and print quality....

Component Shortages Causing Electronics Manufacturers to "Use All Means Necessary" to Ship Products

Nov 24, 2010 | Bob Wettermann

As the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry in the US recovers to some degree from the economic crisis which began in 2008, the challenge of component shortages has risen to the top as one of the stumbling blocks for contract assemblers and cap...

A New Stenciling Method for Reworking SMT Components

Jul 15, 2010 | Bob Wettermann

When reworking more complex SMT components such as finer pitch SMT components, SMTconnectors and even area array devices, the most common method of printing on the printing selectively on the PCB has some serious shortcomings. The most significant problem...

Reworking QFN's Newly Developed Cost Effective Approach

Feb 18, 2010 | Best Inc

This paper describes a new rework process for leadless devices where the devices can be manually placed without relying on capital equipment....

Micro-Sectioning of PCBs for Failure Analysis

Jan 13, 2010 | Bob Wettermann

Micro-sectioning (sometimes referred to as cross-sectioning)is a technique, used to characterize materials or to perform a failure mode analysis, for exposing an internal section of a PCB or package. Destructive in nature, cross-sectioning requires encapsulation of the specimen in order to provide support, stability, and protection. Failures that can be investigated through micro-sectional analysis include component defects, thermo-mechanical failures, processing failures related to solder reflow, opens or shorts, voiding and raw material evaluations....

Lead-Free BGA Rework-Transition Issues

Aug 16, 2007 | Best Inc

While experienced inspectors may be able to determine the aesthetic differences between a lead-free PCB assembly and a tin-lead version, one cannot rely on the "experienced eye". "Less wetting out to the pad edges" (Figure A) and "graininess and lack of shininess of the solder joint" (Figure B) are typical comments about some lead-free solder joints. However, in cases where a Nitrogen atmosphere was present during the reflow of the solder joint (Figure C), there will be little visual differences between the lead free alloys and their tin-lead counterparts....

Selective Solder Paste Deposition Reliability Test Results.

Jun 21, 2007 | Bob Wettermann.

The rapid assimilation of Ball Grid Array (BGA) and other Area Array Package technology in the electronics industry is due to the fact that this package type allows for a greater I/O count in a smaller area while maintaining a pitch that allows for ease of manufacture (...) While there have been several studies comparing these two attachment methods, this study highlights the effect of rework technique on the electrical characteristics and reliability of reworked BGAs....

New BGA Solder Mask Repair Technique Using Laser Cut Stencils

Feb 01, 2007 | Ronald D. Schaeffer, Chief Executive Officer, Photomachining.

The increased replacement of high lead count SMT devices with BGAs and other high ball count area array packages has brought increased challenges to PCB rework and repair. Often solder mask areas surrounding BGA pad areas are damaged when components are removed....

BGA Rework. A Comparative Study of Selective Solder Paste Deposition For Area Array Packages

Feb 01, 2007 | Ray Cirimele, Best, Inc

The rapid assimilation of Ball Grid Array (BGA) and other Area Array Package technology in the electronics industry is due to the fact that this package type allows for a greater I/O count in a smaller area while maintaining a pitch that allows for ease of manufacture....

Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Testing

Feb 01, 2007 | Roy Johnson, Senior Staff Engineer AG Communication Systems.

Purpose: Compare the Surface Insulation Resistance of reworked BGA Test samples made with standard solder balls using a flux only reattachment and samples made including the StencilQuik™ product from Best Inc. with solder balls using a flux only reattachment....

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3 jobs »
Soldering Skills Trainer


Quality Control


Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States

Date Posted:

Feb 23, 2011

Sales Engineer




Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States

Date Posted:

Nov 21, 2008

Technical Trainer


Quality Control


Rolling Meadows, , United States

Date Posted:

Mar 30, 2006

10 news releases »
BEST Releases PCBVac(TM) -a Shop Vac for your PCB

Apr 02, 2014 | BEST Inc , Rolling Meadows IL, announced the release of a new shopvac like product for the PCB rework and repair area. Connected to shop air this product is able to suck up liquids and solids,

New Kapton Film Stencils for Labs and DIYs

Jan 17, 2014 | BEST Inc., has developed a line of Kapton™ SMT stencils for the prototype assembly market. These stencils, available in 4,5 and 6 thicknesses, present very flat coplanar printing surfaces for solder paste printing. . They are designed to be used when the there are very few boards to be made at one time and the pitch of the components is 1.00 and above.

Reballing Preforms Now in 3 Days

Sep 03, 2013 | BEST's EZReball(TM) reballing preforms now are available as standard in 3 business days. Expedited packs are in available in 24 hours to help you with your reballing projects

MN Solder and IPC Certifications-BEST Inc

Sep 03, 2010 | BEST Inc Joins Force with Dakota County Technical College

MN Solder Training
BEST Begins SMT Metal Fabrication

Jul 10, 2010 | BEST Partners with MRC to bring customers SMT Metal Stencils

BEST Begins SMT Metal Fabrication

Jul 10, 2010 | Partners with MRC to bring high quality stencils quickly and with an accent on service

Customized Circuit Frames for PCB Repair

Oct 17, 2009 | Reduce PCB Repair Costs

BEST Appoints Distributor for PCB Rework/Repair Products

Jul 22, 2009 | MRC Inc Appointed CA TX Distributor

BEST Appoints Japanese Distributor for PCBV Rework/Repair Products

Jul 22, 2009 | BEST Appoints Japanese Distributor

BEST Wins Industry Service Excellence Award

Apr 24, 2008 | Las Vegas, Nevada�April 1, 2008--BEST Inc., today announced that it is the recipient of the 2008 Service Excellence Awards presented at the 2008 APEX show, a major electronics manufacturing trade show, in Las Vegas, Nevada. BEST Inc. was the overall winner in the rework and repair category for the 2nd year running.

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Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc.

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