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DEK is the world's leading provider of screen printing equipment and processes for diverse industries, from surface mount technology (SMT) and semiconductor, to fuel cell and solar cell manufacture.

Screen Printing

We are the industry-leading provider of DEK screen printing equipment and processes for a wide range of customers around the world.

Our advanced materials deposition technologies include screen printers, VectorGuard® stencils, precision screens, flexible tooling and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture and alternative energy component production.

Since the inception of DEK Printing Machines in 1968, our team has been behind some of the industry’s biggest breakthroughs. The introduction of the DEK proven platform philosophy changed the face of screen printing and is now an accepted global industry standard. Other pioneering advances include DEK HawkEye inspection, DEK ProFlow® enclosed head printing, DEK Cyclone understencil cleaning, DEK Gemini dual lane printing and the DEK Solar Eclipse and Apollo photovoltaic metallization platforms.

ASM Assembly Systems has accumulated in excess of 100 DEK product patents and recorded 18,000 DEK printing machine installations – and this figure is growing all the time! Prior to joining ASM, the DEK team numbered over 800 people in facilities all over the world with export to over 50 countries around the globe. Now, as ASM Assembly Systems, the team has grown and our global footprint and resource have increased exponentially.

While DEK’s ownership changed in July 2014, our focus on delivering the most advanced and cost-effective printing solutions remains at the core of the DEK development philosophy. With our Placement Solutions Division SIPLACE colleagues and the backing of ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd., we are poised to deliver transformational technologies that will enable even more efficient SMT processes and foster our ongoing commitment to printing excellence. Together #1

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Horizon iX - Screen Printer

Horizon iX from DEK has revolutionised the screen printing marketplace. Harnessing the power of our proven technology leadership, Horizon iX puts manufacturers in control of their business performance. Flexibility and freedom of choice is at th...


Horizon iX - Screen Printer

DEK Galaxy - Screen Printer

Advanced semiconductor packaging and high precision SMT assembly convergence. Galaxy unites advanced semiconductor packaging and high precision next-generation SMT assembly on the same platform. This level of converg...


DEK Galaxy - Screen Printer

ProDEK Closed Loop

ProDEK is an innovative and high performance closed loop system tool designed to ensure optimisation of the printing performance. Communicating between the DEK screen printer and solder paste inspection machine to identify any potential problem...


ProDEK Closed Loop

Virtual Panel Tooling

Virtual Panel Tooling provides just that: dozens of substrates are independently aligned, simultaneously, creating a virtual panel ready for imaging in a single cycle. This concept delivers high throughput comparable to processing panelised sub...


Virtual Panel Tooling

DEK ProActiv - Process Technology for Unprecedented Paste Transfer Efficiency

ProActiv is a breakthrough process technology that dramatically improves solder paste transfer efficiency with stencil printing. It redefines the boundaries of Area Ratio rules for stencil apertures, which dictate the smallest apertures that ca...


DEK ProActiv - Process Technology for Unprecedented Paste Transfer Efficiency

DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric

DEK SMT High Performance Cleaning Rolls are engineered to boost productivity and yield, reduce the risk of defects and minimise rework. An ideal choice for a superior clean of the stencil underside. To maximise pre-placement yield,...

Cleaning Equipment

DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric

HawkEye® - High Speed Deposit Verification System

HawkEye is an automatic print verification technology that operates at the line beat rate. The system can be configured to assess 100% of printed boards and gives a rapid go/no-go indication for each, meaning that faulty boards can now be autom...


HawkEye®  - High Speed Deposit Verification System

Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating

DEK’s Nano-ProTek technology is a permanent, hydrophobic nano-coating that, when applied to the bottom-side of the stencil foil and stencil aperture walls, minimizes solder paste’s ability to stick to the foil surface. Up to a 10X incr...

Solder Paste Stencils

Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating

DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module

Stinger is a low volume dispense module attached to the camera carriage of a standard DEK printer (as an optional extra). It is not designed to replace a regular dispenser but to provide dual functionality to the print platform for customers wh...


DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module

Reel-to-Reel - Screen Printer handling Solution

Reel-to-Reel is a handling solution that enables precision printing onto continuous substrates such as flexible circuits and advanced synthetic materials. Deployed on a dedicated R2R printer, Reel-to-Reel takes advantage of proven precision ali...


Reel-to-Reel  - Screen Printer handling Solution

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Screen and Stencil Printing Processes for Wafer Backside Coating

Sep 09, 2009 | Mark Whitmore, Jeff Schake.

Stencil printing equipment has traditionally been used in the surface mount assembly industry for solder paste printing. In recent years the flexibility of the tool has been exploited for a wide range of materials and processes to aid semiconductor packaging and assembly. One such application has been the deposition of adhesive coatings onto the backside of silicon wafers....

Fuel Cell Production Revs Up. The Paste Printing Platform And Process Has Other Uses, Too.

Dec 18, 2008 | Clive Ashmore, Global Applied Process Engineering Manager; DEK.

Unless you've been living under a rock the past several years, you are no doubt keenly aware of the global drive toward alternative energy sources. Certainly this initiative is attractive because of the clear environmental benefits of developing fossil fuel substitutes, but also because of potential economic benefit. Although fuel cell technology has been proven viable for various applications, the production costs still remain relatively high, and further process development to promote low-cost, high-volume manufacturing is required to reach a price point that encourages widespread consumer acceptance....

Lean, Mean Dual-Lane Machines

Dec 27, 2007 | DEK

The latest screen printing platforms unlock more of the potential from dual-lane processing. Simultaneous demands to enhance flexibility while increasing utilisation and overall throughput apply to manufacturers operating at virtually any point in the mix-volume continuum: capacity must work hard to deliver the required return. As these lean manufacturing principles hold sway from the US and Europe to the Far East, no modern assembler has a second to spare....

A New Stencil Rulebook for Wafer Level Solder Ball Placement using High Accuracy Screen Printing

Dec 13, 2007 | Steve Watkin, Semicon Packaging Technologies Division, and Tom Falcon, Future Technologies Group, DEK

Printer-hosted processes for solder ball placement are now widely used for package technologies ranging from BGAs using ball diameters above 750μm to the latest WL-CSPs demanding 250μm diameter. This broadening spectrum of applications brings more choices in terms of stencil design rules and production methodologies....

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Experience Unmatched Printing Knowledge and Future Technology Capability with DEK at APEX 2014

Feb 28, 2014 | tap into a knowledge base that spans nearly 50 years of printing technology innovation. As the market’s premiere materials deposition experts, the DEK team are uniquely qualified to help electronics manufacturing specialists develop customized printing solutions tailored to individual production requirements.

DEK Earns its Tenth Consecutive Service Excellence Award; Customers Consistently Impressed with Support

Mar 21, 2012 | At the APEX event held earlier this month, DEK proudly accepted its tenth consecutive Service Excellence Award,

ProDEK Closed Loop Printing Technology Raises the Bar on Dynamic Process Control

Feb 15, 2012 | In a significant technology breakthrough set to upend former industry perceptions of closed loop printing processes, DEK announces the development and commercial launch of its revolutionary new closed loop innovation, ProDEK.

ProDEK Closed Loop Printing Technology Raises the Bar on Dynamic Process Control

Feb 15, 2012 | In a significant technology breakthrough set to upend former industry perceptions of closed loop printing processes, DEK announces the development and commercial launch of its revolutionary new closed loop innovation, ProDEK. 

DEK signs contract with Ortana at Productronica 2011

Jan 20, 2012 | DEK has signed an agreement with global transport and public information solution provider, Ortana, for its Horizon 03iX printing platform. The order for the print platform was finalized at Productronica 2011 in Munich.

Indium Corporation snaps up DEK Horizon 01iX at Productronica 2011

Dec 21, 2011 | DEK has signed a contract with The Indium Corporation for its print platform, Horizon 01iX. The order for the print platform was finalised on the second day of Productronica 2011 in Munich.

DEK and Interlatin Take Productivity on Tour to Overwhelming Response

Dec 02, 2011 | Over the past month, DEK and its Mexican-based representative, Interlatin, have embarked on a Productivity Solutions Tour that has so far hosted four events in three cities and attracted nearly 150 customers. Setting up shop in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana and early next month in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the technology-rich Productivity Solutions Tour program is effectively enabling assembly specialists to get even more out of their print processes.

Great Lakes Engineering Licenses DEK VectorGuard® Technology

Aug 03, 2011 | Recognizing the benefits of DEK’s award-winning VectorGuard® stencil technology, Great Lakes Engineering today announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with DEK which will enable the Maple Grove, Minnesota-based stencil manufacturer to supply VectorGuard products to its customer base.

DEK partners with OKI to introduce breakthrough technologies at first Advanced SMT Processes and Applications Seminar in Chengdu

Jul 22, 2011 | DEK introduced two breakthrough technologies, ProActiv and Nano-ProTek stencil coating, to customers in Chengdu last week.

Vicor Sees Improvement with DEK’s Nano-ProTek Stencil Coating

Jun 24, 2011 | Vicor Corporation, recently evaluated DEK’s award-winning Nano-ProTek stencil nano coating and has reported excellent results. On a densely populated board with multiple 0402, 0201, BGA and micro-BGA components, Nano-ProTek helped improve CpK and yield.

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