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Mycronic Technologies AB

Mycronic, formerly MYDATA, is the key manufacturer of assembly machine for electronics. Our product portfolio contains Pick&Place machines, Jet-printing machines and component storage towers.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Assembly, OEM

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How MYDATA Jet Printing works in detail.

Leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry

Mycronic is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production solutions to the electronics industry. Mycronic is listed on NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm, Small Cap.

The company has:

  • two business areas: Pattern Generators, including mask writers and direct writers, LDI and Surface Mount Technology equipment including pick&place and jet printing solutions
  • strong local presence close to customers
  • 524 employees, of which 306 in Sweden
Mycronic Technologies AB Postings
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Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer


Jet printing for high mix production The MY500 Jet Printer is a breakthrough innovation. Well proven on five continents, it shoots solder paste on the fly at split-second speeds while moving above the board. The MY500 is designed t...

Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer
Mydata MY200 Series Pick-and-Place Machines

Pick & Place

With the MY200 pick-and-place series, we’ve combined the advantages of our high-mix thinking into a flexible, fully integrated solution that works at virtually any volume. The MY200-series contains new and advanced technologi...

Mydata MY200 Series Pick-and-Place Machines
Mydata MY100e Series Pick-and-Place Machines

Pick & Place

Where High Mix Meets High Speed. With the MY100e series pick-and-place machines, there’s no need to make the usual trade-offs between speed and flexibility. With the fastest changeovers in the industry and wo...

Mydata MY100e Series Pick-and-Place Machines
Mydata SMD Tower

Material Handling/Storage

Automated & MSD compliant storage. The MYDATA SMD Tower provides more intelligent and automatic access to component reels and trays. The MYDATA SMD Tower boosts production efficiency with:

Mydata SMD Tower
Mydata Board Train Conveyors

Material Handling/Storage

Board train conveyors for higher throughput Increases overall throughput Automatic grouping of several PCBs Improves board transfer times Reduced number of nozzle changes ...

Mydata Board Train Conveyors
Mydata Bare Board Destacker

Material Handling/Storage

The destacker separates single boards from the bottom of the stack and transports them one by one onto the production line. If the unit becomes empty, or the destacking switch is turned off, the conveyor starts to work as a regular transport co...

Mydata Bare Board Destacker
Mydata Automatic PCB Magazine Loader

Material Handling/Storage

The loader separates and loads bare or pre-mounted PCBs from rasterized magazines onto a subsequent production line. The automatic loader holds up to 3 magazines simultaneously. The filling ratio, skip factor, and first and last load...

Mydata Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
Mydata FIFO, LIFO Buffer

Material Handling/Storage

Buffer unit for equipment load balancing The buffer unit is designed to balance station capacity differences and offer board escape possibilities in case of failures of the connected systems. The FIFO/LIFO capability and the abilit...

Mydata FIFO, LIFO Buffer
Mydata Telescopic Gate

Material Handling/Storage

Telescopic gate with "handsfree" operation. Fully automated, "handsfree" 700 mm opening DC-motor controlled telescopic movement The telescopic gate conve...

Mydata Telescopic Gate
Mydata Bi-directional PCB Inverter

Material Handling/Storage

Bi-directional board inverter Programmable board flow sequence Pass-through function Bi-directional Light tower as status indicator The Board Inverter turns t...

Mydata Bi-directional PCB Inverter
Mydata PCB Turn Unit

Material Handling/Storage

PCB turn unit for L, T or X configuration Board routing through L-bend, T-junction or crossover Precision controlled DC motors Solid welded steel frame construction Light tower ...

Mydata PCB Turn Unit
Mydata PCB Workstation

Hand Assembly

Ergonomic workstation for PCB inspection and manual assembly Board stop function, board release Arm rests and earth strap connection Board thickness down to 0.4 mm Motorized wid...

Mydata PCB Workstation
Mydata MY600 High-Speed SMT Jet Printer

Pick & Place

MY600 - Millions of dots ahead of its time. The next-generation MY600 Jet Printer now enables SMT producers to achieve optimal solder joints on complex boards at speeds of more than one million dots per hour, a 50% increase in thro...

 Mydata MY600 High-Speed SMT Jet Printer
2 technical articles »
Tackling SMT Enemy Number One - Raising The Standard of Solder Paste Application

May 14, 2009 | MYDATA automation

Is screen printing technology able to keep pace with rising quality demands and increasingly complex board layouts? Or, is new jet printing technology ready to fill the gap? A comparison study between the two methods reveals some interesting differences. Screen printers offer some possibilities for optimizing solder paste deposits, but optimization is far easier and quicker with the jet printer. At the same time, the ability to print individualized deposits on every single pcb pad may be the ultimate answer to the growing quality challenge....

Startling Results From Reliability Testing

Mar 13, 2009 | Lars Wallin, Project Manager Live Production Events at EP shows at the Stockholm Fair IPC European Representative.

Open product reliability testing in Stockholm, Sweden in January as part of a live production event generated some quite startling results. It was apparent that many components simply cannot handle the high reflow temperatures of a lead-free soldering process, and that many surface-mount machine suppliers are battling significant problems with QFN packages and other components that are mounting edgeways (bill boarding). However, some suppliers have achieved good results....

1 job »
Field Service Engineer


Technical Support


Rowley, Massachusetts, United States

Date Posted:

Jun 04, 2014

48 news releases »
MYDATA automation AB has changed name to Mycronic Technologies AB

Jul 01, 2014 | Today MYDATA automation AB has changed its name to Mycronic Technologies AB. The new name will unify the operations of MYDATA and parent company Mycronic AB, former Micronic Mydata AB, under a single brand.

MYDATA Releases New MY600 Jet Printer For High-speed, High-precision Solder Paste Application.

May 05, 2014 | Having pioneered jet printing of solder paste for electronics manufacturing, MYDATA is now introducing a further innovation to boost speed and quality. Called the MY600 Jet Printer, the new platform allows SMT producers to achieve high-precision solder joints at speeds of more than one million dots per hour. Increasingly, the jet printing of solder paste onto PCBs is being used at all levels of the industry to cope with complex broadband and mixed technology boards, among other factors.

The next-generation MY600 Jet Printer now enables SMT producers to achieve optimal solder joints on complex boards at speeds of more than one million dots per hour, a 50% increase in throughput compared to earlier.
MYDATA exhibits new MY200 pick-and-place machine at IPC APEX 2014.

Mar 27, 2014 | At APEX 2014 in Las Vegas, MYDATA will introduce to the North American market its new MY200 placement machine, delivering twice the accuracy and higher throughput.

The new MYDATA MY200 pick-and-place machine.
New software and higher-capacity storage system will significantly boost material handling productivity

Nov 15, 2013 | According to the MIT Technology Review, the biggest productivity gains in electronics manufacturing and other industries today are being fueled by “robots, automation and software”. In its June 2013 issue, the magazine cited a study showing a diverging gap between rising industrial productivity and flat long-term employment dating back to 2000. Although controversial, it is an observation that fits well with the future roadmap of MYDATA, the global SMT innovator, which continues to bring “productivity boosters” to the SMT industry across many application areas.

MYDATA launches the new MY200 series placement machines at Productronica

Nov 15, 2013 | Productronica 2013: The new MY200 performance series features a new linescan vision system and a new high-speed mount head, delivering twice the accuracy and higher throughput.

The new MY200 performance series of placement machines features a new Linescan vision system and HYDRA 4 mount head with twice the accuracy. The new platform includes hardware and software advancements that give customers higher throughput, enhanced quality and improved line utilization.
Jet printing at 700,000 dots per hour challenges solder paste dispensing

Nov 15, 2013 | The popularity of jet printing technology to apply solder paste to printed circuit boards is growing fast as more and more electronics manufacturers understand the key advantages over traditional methods of solder paste application, such as screen printing or dispensing. Today hundreds of electronic producers worldwide are using jet printing for a diverse range of applications – situations that demand speed, design freedom and high-quality solder joints.

MYDATA market research shows that high-mix challenges are a reality for higher-volume manufacturers

Nov 15, 2013 | In an independent global survey of SMT manufacturers*, MYDATA found that many of the classic production challenges facing low-volume, high-mix producers have now reached a "tipping point" for higher volume producers as well. The survey revealed that several key challenges are common to low-, mid- and high-volume producers: changeover efficiency, quality, line utilization, stock accuracy and reducing the cost per mounted component.

With the MY200 pick-and-place series, Mydata combined the advantages of its
MYDATA and Alpha to highlight new opportunities for jet printing of low-temperature solder paste at APEX 2013

Feb 25, 2013 | MYDATA has recently completed successful testing of a new low-temperature solder paste for jet printing.

New feeder storage solution from MYDATA cuts kitting time with storage of loaded Agilis feeders

Feb 14, 2013 | MYDATA, maker of the popular SMD Tower for compact storage of electronics manufacturing components, hasannounced a new feature allowing for automated storage of loaded Agilis feeders in their entire range of tower models

Higher-capacity SMD Tower from MYDATA boosts uptime, reduces changeover costs.

Feb 12, 2013 | MYDATAis scheduled to release new models of its popular SMD Tower for compact storage of electronics manufacturing components.

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