Our company provides a wide spectrum of services including electronic contract manufacturing, engineering consultants, final packaging and distribution.

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

PT. INTI has been an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)Provider for over 23 years. The company goal is to provide its customer with total manufacturing solutions for both new and present products. PT INTI's strategy is to establish manufacturing artnerships with its customers by providing a full spectrum of roduction services, from evaluating the manufacturability and testability of the product design, material procurement, gest engineering design, assembling and even to total system build, final packaging and distribution. PT INTI's production facilities are: - Semi automatic inserting - SMT assembly : - Screen Printer : SMTech 100MA and SigmaPrint 400 - Glue station : Siemens HS180K and Panasert HDPG1 - Chip shooter: Siemens SP120 and Panasert MVIIF - IC Placer : Siemens HS180R and Panasert MPAV - Reflow Oven : SMT Reflow and Quad QRS VI - In Circuit Test (ICT) machine : - Three machines of Zenthel 850 - Two machines of SPEA : 100AP and 501AD

Other Services:
- Engineering consultation - Board prototyping - Plastics Moulding - Metal

PT INTI's products
PT INTI is one of telecommunication equipment manufacturers in Indonesia. Its products range from public switching, transmission equipments, telephones etc.

Manufacturing Software

HeatShield Gel- thermal PCB shield during reflow