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Seika Machinery provides electronics manufacturers with advanced machinery, superior materials and engineering services including Automated Test Equipment, SMTA assembly equipment and QA products »»

Headquarters: Torrance, California, USA

Cleaning, Distributor, Drilling/Routing, Inspection Selective Soldering

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HIROX Digital Microscope

Inspect objects dynamically in 360 degrees with patented Hirox design Superior BGA inspection capable of up to 200x magnification. Low maintenance costs achieved with use of spring loaded lens tip to protect samples. Highly configurable and flexible lineu...

HIROX Digital Microscope


Sayaka PCB router (Depaneling Systems)

Solution for stress free depanelization Fixture-based highly efficient dust vacuum system Clean and precise depanelization for densely populated PCBs Advanced image-processing software offers point-and-click operation for programming router...

Sayaka PCB router (Depaneling Systems)


Sawa Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaners

Precision Fine Pitch Aperture Cleaners Thousands of dollars less than fully-automatic cleaners Low solvent usage and running costs Fast cleaning time of 1-3 minutes Minimal waste disposal Portable ...

Sawa Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaners

Cleaning Equipment

McDry Ultra-Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Prevent your components from micro-cracking during reflow with proper Ultra-Low Humidity Storage. DXU models of maintain1%RH Wide range of cabinets including UL/C models Conforms to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033B.1 Dehumid...

McDry Ultra-Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Board Handling - Storage

SMT Machines

PCB equipment