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Siplace X

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Siplace X | 30 November, 2015

Are there any Siplace users out there that have any experience of the latest "smart feeders" for X series (version 3 I think, with built in handle and LED´s instead of LCD display) I am specifically interested to get input on any issues experienced with the functionality and especially any static discharge problems with components jumping out of pockets.

With thanks James

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Siplace X | 26 August, 2016

component jumping should not be the issue cause u can play with the indexing speed.. overall i give 9/10

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Siplace X | 30 August, 2016

Component jumping is usually result from wrong tape/pocket. X-feeder is very solid - good quality.

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Siplace X | 26 September, 2016

Dear James, How are you? I remember that you found the solution to calibrate the Siplace X feeders last year. Did you get the way? I'm also want to know how to calibrate the feeders. Could you please teach us the way to calibrate Siplace X feeders? Thanks and best regards, Sophy

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