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low cost SMT line

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low cost SMT line | 19 February, 2011

Hi everybody, I am here seeking your experience and asking your help,

I want to update our SMT production line as I already hace FUJI CP6 and QP242 machines beside GL2 and oven

our new product including 60 components 0402 (1mm*0.5mm ) and 2 BGAs which can't be run with my machines

So we need new pick and place machine to run wiz the above components in a speed maximum 16k cph and minimum 8k cph

also screen printer and lead free reflow

our budget for the pick and place machine is 50k:75k USD

many used machines but high in cost and i dont know what models i can go through

Thanks in advance

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low cost SMT line | 20 February, 2011

Is ur smt machine not able to pick 0402 componets? We use Yamaha SMT for 0603,0805,ect. We just change nozzle and feeder in the same machine when 0402 is needed to mount. by the way, we use not only new machine but 2nd hand also. there is a few small problems by using used machine but save alot money. Hope that will help ur problem.

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low cost SMT line | 21 February, 2011

The Fuji CP6 and QP242 should be more than capable of placing 0402(cp6) and bga components (QP242). You must be having some programming difficulties.

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low cost SMT line | 23 February, 2011

I am going to disagree with that. Our QP242 wasn't worth a crap when it came to reliably placing BGA's. The lighting parameters and the programming will have you tearing your hair out. If you are doing outline recognition on small BGA's...then maybe. Full ball inspect....forget it.

We recently took our QP out of production and replaced it with a different machine. I tried to get my boss to let me have the QP so I could shoot, burn and finally explode it. I promised him an epic youtube video.

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low cost SMT line | 10 March, 2011

no my dear, CP6 vision not able to verify but it can pic up it, and qp242 will be extremely slow

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low cost SMT line | 10 March, 2011

yea SR.TEC, am suffring right now from trying to assemble BGA 676 pins with my QP242

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