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PCB damage in Water Cleaner

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PCB damage in Water Cleaner | 28 July, 2017

A lot of our PCB's are being damaged by our water cleaner, it is a Steolting Triton, and I beleive it is due to the drying section in the machine. The air its blowing on the boards is flipping the boards around on the conveyor and smashing small delicate SMT parts.

Has anyone had similar issues with a water cleaning process? We put some of our very small and light weight boards into mesh baskets, and maybe we will have to do this for all boards, but I'm looking for some other ideas.


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PCB damage in Water Cleaner | 28 July, 2017

Yes it happens with any inline cleaner with small or light boards the pressure can cause them to flip. If they lodge in the links they can also cause damage to the conveyor. For small boards, flexibles etc you do need a mesh fixture of some sort or load you boards in to a carrier that holds them down. It you are in higher volume speak to suppliers they have in the dim and distant past offered other linked chain options.

This type of damage problem can also happen in batch systems if boards are not mounted correctly or held when they are light weight

Bob Willis

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PCB damage in Water Cleaner | 28 July, 2017

Ironically enough, inline wash system belts work well for placing on top of small assemblies inside wash basket to avoid bouncing around like you've seen. This of course assumes you have access to an old belt like that.

Point being, try to find something similar to that, maybe even lighter depending on the assembly, to put on top of the assemblies while inside the wash baskets.

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