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PCB cleaning system

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PCB cleaning system | 17 July, 2017

Anyone recommend a good Batch type PCB cleaning system that has some cleanliness test capabilities?

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PCB cleaning system | 17 July, 2017

Aqueous Technologies (that's us)

Austin American Technology

Technical Devices

Hope this helps!


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PCB cleaning system | 21 July, 2017

The very best batch cleaner I have ever used, and I don’t mean by a small margin, was an Electrovet MCS1000. I kept that machine running a very long time, but a software problem ended up being more than the company I worked for was willing to undertake. It was old then. It would be very old compared to current vintages. That said, a properly working model will so far out-preform a dishwasher based model.

If you can find a MCS1000 machine that has been retrofitted for a newer OS, like maybe a Windows machine, strongly consider it. Other than routine maintenance, it really didn’t have any problems. That is what I will do if I ever need to buy another batch cleaner.

You can google image search to see what this beast looks like.

Electrovert, if you are reading this, bring this machine back!

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PCB Cleaning

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