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Conveyers Between SM Machines

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 19 April, 2017

Hi All,

Looking for opinions from people on having conveyers between machines on a SM line. Im of the opinion that stand alone conveyers should be kept to a minimum. As an example of a SM line I have a Printer, SPI, 3 P&P machines, AOI, and a reflow. I'm being told to have a 1M Conveter between each machine to allow for access (breakdowns etc). My stance is the only conveyers really required is one after SPI prior to P&P and one after AOI prior to Reflow and then a Card Stacker after Reflow. This is to keep hands off during assembly. So conducting a straw poll on this what do others have? Answer gratefully received.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 19 April, 2017

We run loader (no conveyor) printer (conveyor) P&P (conveyor) P&P. Hand carry to reflow, hand carry to AOI. Conveyors are there for reason you mentioned, access to equipment. It is much easier to move conveyor than P&P or printer. Fortunately have not had a big need to access SMT equipment, few breakdowns. It does add to length of line, but our operators are in good shape......

Murphys law says if we were not using conveyors, we would have many breakdowns.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 19 April, 2017

As a tech, much happier when there are conveyors between machines (although 1/2 mtr seems sufficient)... in house maintenance much happier when it's a conveyor to move rather than the printer.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 20 April, 2017

Personally, I try to keep them to a minimum, as if we put conveyors between the SMT machines I find less effort is made on automating awkward components - it's so easy to add a hand fit operation.

We run Loader-Printer-Conveyor-3xSMT-Conveyor-Oven-Conveyor-AOI-Sort buffer-unloader.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 24 April, 2017

It is good to have: conveyor after SPI(if you don't have SPI should be after the printer), conveyor before the oven(inspection station is better), conveyor after the oven - before your destacker if you have one. The rest of it, depends on how long line you want to have and is optional. I have: rack loader-loader-printer-conveyor-p&p-inspection link-oven-conveyor-FIFO buffer(holds 25pcb)-AOI-inspection link-pcb inverter-rack unloader. This board handling equipment is what really makes it fully automated line. Put the board infront and collect at the end.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 25 April, 2017

We built a line consisting of:


Conveyor between each machine allows quick visual inspection or if a pnp is down for maintenance (or not needed) we can manually move boards around the down machine easily. It is also nice for maintenance as has been mentioned. We don't need to move any large equipment if we need access to a side panel. Converyors are simple, inexpensive and rarely have maintenance requirements so I would use them when ever there is space. We use 24" length units.

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Conveyers Between SM Machines | 1 May, 2017

Our lines consist of: BBL>Printer>SPI>Conveyor>Gate>PNP>Inspection Conveyor>Oven>Stacker (in case the oven gets backed up)>AOI> NG Stacker>End of line Stacker.

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