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MPM ultra print 1500

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MPM ultra print 1500 | 17 March, 2017


New to forum, I have a mpm ultra print 1500 can not find a lube coupler for the Z axis slide bearings. Does anyone know what it is and where could I find one. A standard grease coupling does not fit.

Thanks Dale

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MPM ultra print 1500 | 20 March, 2017

That's a U.K. machine, so the zerk fitting is not standard to USA. You can replace it with a standard, like from Grainger: https://www.

MPM can't help as that machine is obsolete, but PPM might sell the gun or replacement fittings, http://www. .

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MPM ultra print 1500 | 28 March, 2017


Be very careful about putting to much grease into this actuator. It is kind of a sealed unit. If you were to take this actuator apart you would see that the motor drives a heavy pitched threaded screw. As it turns it causes the threaded tube around it to move up and down the screw as it is captured by the bracket mounted to the table. This threaded tube in the what looks to be the smooth piston rod extended to lift the table. Packing this screws with grease can cause it to overload the circuit and hopefully only trip the amplifier not burn it up.

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