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MPM SPM Trackball Upgrade

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MPM SPM Trackball Upgrade | 14 December, 2016

So recently I attempted to do the trackball upgrade for our MPM SPM printer, the touchscreen was unable to calibrate correctly. Unfortunately upon reboot after installing the software the PC wont boot into MS-DOS. It's still functional, as I can browse the drive post install. Everything seems to be in tact, but I'm no DOS expert. If I run autoexec.bat after install it loads mouse.exe but fails to install the mouse drivers, with the "mouse is not responding" error. However, I happen to have MS-DOS compatible drivers for another mouse, which will install correctly but are not functional with the Speedline software. Where do I go from here?


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MPM SPM Trackball Upgrade | 23 December, 2016

Westshored; Not sure how helpful I can be as there are details missing from your description. So I will try and give you some requirements that may help us sort this out. The Speedline UPGR was UPGR-026 and 027, depending on the machine type. The Procedure is for a VGA and trackball upgrade, plus some cable extensions and trays for the trackball and VGA monitor. The procedure details removing hardware and mounting the new trays. It also tells how to disconnect the touchscreen and reconfigure the video card. Moving on to the software. Machine must be running 3.X or higher, 4.X is the most recent, X will depend on what model of SPM it is. You stated that you loaded software; what was it, machine software or drivers? and that you loaded other trackball drivers (petty sure these will not work). The correct drivers for the SPM trackball upgrade would be Speedline UPGR-166. This would be for a Logitech DOS compatible 3 button trackball (white body, red marble). I am not saying you cannot use a different trackball if you can figure it out, but the upgrade uses this one and it must be 3 button as you will need to select "Select, Accept and Exit" to use the machine software. If you have the proper software, then maybe you need to format, reload DOS, Machine software and proper driver.

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MPM SPM Trackball Upgrade | 27 December, 2016

Thank you for the reply, MPMEng. I received the Speedline UPG-026/27, but it actually came with the incorrect mouse. Since original post I've contacted seller, received correct mouse, successfully installed drivers, encountered a new issue.

At this point when I attempt to launch vgaspm.exe I get a new error, "ERROR 9999: INVALID INSTALL. PROGRAM TERMINATED." as seen in attached photo. If I attempt to launch the vgaspm.exe immediately after installing with no reboot, I get a different error; "DOS/4GW fatal error (1010): can't initialize loader LINEXE_LOADER (1)".

I've attempted restoring the system files present on the back up disk included with the machine, also attempted to re-install the upgrade version of the software and the mouse drivers, but have not been able to launch it since.


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