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Reflow oven profile

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Reflow oven profile | 2 December, 2016

I want to do improvement in conversion time. We running small quantity board and frequently do conversion. we produce very simple board no BGA only resistor, capacitor, LED, IC and transistor. We are running same model top and bottom in 1 reflow oven. could i use top profile when reflow bottom? Since our program temperature setting for top and bottom same. Kindly please advise...

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Reflow oven profile | 2 December, 2016

We successfully accomplish this on almost every product we have using our BTU Ovens.

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Reflow oven profile | 9 January, 2017

It shouldn't be any issue if you measure the top reflow settings using bottom profile board & the results are OK.

To common the reflow profile, both bottom & top profile measurement are taken & analyzed.

This, too, can be applied, even for different boards.

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Reflow oven profile | 24 January, 2017

Absolutely ok!! We already co-use the same profile setting for top and bottom side to avoid line efficiency loss for more than 10 years. But only one thing you should careful is the heavy mechanical parts on bottom side may drop during reflow process when you set the same reflow profile, if you meet that situation, you should immediately fine-tune your profile setting.

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Reflow oven profile | 25 January, 2017

This is our practice already, common profile both sides and we perform it during NPI stage. As long as zone settings are the same and profile requirements are meet, we consider it as same profile and no need to re-profile from bottom side process to top side. But, not all double sided PCB, it depends on components installed each side. Others might not applicable to use same zone settings if other side is populated with large size of components.

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Reflow oven profile | 25 January, 2017

If you prefer to use same profile - it will be fine most of the time. There are several things to consider. 1. Is there part on second side that cannot withstand temperatures from first side? 2. If there is a high mass component on first side, that might fall off during second reflow, glue it.

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Reflow oven profile | 26 January, 2017

We run double sided boards that have large SMT electrolytic caps on the top side using the same profile for both sides. The trick is to do the bottom side first, then the top side. That way you do not need to glue down the large caps.

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Reflow oven profile | 31 January, 2017

That is why we don't care if it is Top or Bottom. We call them first (process) side and second (process) side. Often you will have tall and heavy parts on both sides, so you will have to glue them.

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