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choices for SN100C for reflow

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choices for SN100C for reflow | 17 January, 2012

I'm testing SN100C, and with our 5 zone oven I seem to be able to fix one issue by changing the profile, but that might introduce a new problem. Some profiles work very well on most components, but have issues on other components. These are usually 0603 boards with things like SOD-523 diodes or fine pitch IC's giving the biggest headaches.

Does anyone have a favorite brand SN100c, that might be a bit more forgiving, and get us better results?

I'm open to any and all suggestions, and appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance.

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choices for SN100C for reflow | 19 January, 2012

As a distributor we sell very little SN100C for SMT, we sell far more SAC305 for SMT. The higher temperatures are the reasons.

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choices for SN100C for reflow | 19 January, 2012

We are not using SN100C in our reflow process but I know the type of flux made a big difference with our SAC305 solder. We started out using no-clean flux in our SAC305 paste and were having some issues. We then switched over to a water soluble flux (same SAC305 solder) that is more aggressive. That solved the issues we were seeing. Changing the flux type in your SN100C paste might help.

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choices for SN100C for reflow | 23 January, 2012

This make me curious how many people are using sn100 versus how many using sac305.

The sn100 seemed to generally cover the pads and flow a little better, and looked nicer, but SAC305 overall was easier. Is this normal or do I need to work more on sac305 profiles to better compare?

Has anyone seen an article comparing them, or have any comments on this?


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