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skew components

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skew components | 20 September, 2005


I have a problem with Topaz Xi with FNC nozzles. We have front, back and single camera in Topaz Xi. When i am using front camera and placing SO8, TSSOP14, TSSOP16 etc, using nozzles 73F the accurancy is ok. But when i switch to the back camera we have skew?

Does anyone from you has this problem and where is the problem. I can't get answer from Assembleon and they can't find the reson:(

Thank you in advance.


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skew components | 22 September, 2005

How are the cameras calibrated on those machines?

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skew components | 25 September, 2005

The calibration was ok. When i switch off the back camera and use front one everything is ok. Is it true that when Topaz use back line camera after checking the components the machine rotates the components 180 degree?.

Mark \

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skew components | 26 September, 2005


Try to make "R_AXIS_ACCURACY" calibration for all of FNC heads for back camera only. I met such problem on Topaz-X. There was clearly seen offset on 0.8mm pitch components. I simply calibrated all cameras for FNC nozzles and problem disappeared.

BR, Pavel.

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selva Govind


skew components | 27 September, 2005

Hi Mark,

This problem can be overcome by adjusting the camera brightness - Gain & Offset. I think the offset value is very high. Try reducing it.

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skew components | 28 September, 2005

I would run scale calibration first (for the suspect camera). That may be your only problem. However, if your having a rotation issue and all major angles are off (differently) then it is most likely R-axis accuracy. However, I would run AMF and SEE the results.

In fact I would never run AMF for only one camera. Do them all...your there, your setup and it really doesn't take that long. I have 4 x-series machines and they typically mount(error) less than 0.007 mm in x and y. And that's on 5 year old machines!

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